Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam is dead.
I'm terrified.

First and foremost, let me admit that I have no definite stand on capital punishment. Most times, I lean towards the opposition. Then again, I don't believe sex offenders can be rehabilitated and I think that the truly horrid ones are better off dead so that there's absolutely no chance of them ever hurting anyone else.

I agree Saddam Husein was an awful man, but I wonder what good his death will do. History is full of mediocre men who were damn near canonized simply because they were killed. One can easily become a martyr. All you have to do is die. Your followers will write and rewrite your story to fit their needs.

I'm holding my breath. Dh is scared. What will this mean for our military? How many more attacks will we see in retaliation? Will Stop Loss be reinstated? Will our friends who have just come home be sent back? Will our friends who are there be more likely to be injured? Will dh have to go back again? What now?

I don't know what to think. On one hand, I see Iraqis celebrating and I hear that they feel safer now. On the other hand, I wonder how safe they'll feel when the next retaliation car bomb explodes on their street.

Friday, December 29, 2006

the Nutless Wonder

We are the proud new owners of a dog.

Our dog, however, is no longer the proud owner of testicles.

We dropped him off at the vet yesterday and picked him up today. He is now nutless and I have taken to referring to him as the "nutless wonder."

He's a pretty sweet dog. He's the perfect dog for kids. He's playful, but not too spazzy. He'll curl up and sleep in our laps. I'm still a bit undecided about him, but I'm warming up.

You see, with every animal that's come into my life, I get apprehensive for a while. I tend to go through that, "Maybe this was a bad idea," stage. Granted, I would never agree to give the animal up, it's just that it takes a bit of adjusting.

As a kid, I never went through that. Once I hit 14, though, every animal I adopted after that point left me feeling detached for the first few days. The only animal I adopted where I didn't have this feeling was Funnel Face. I actually did have a minute where I wondered if we made the right decision right after we adopted her, but then the tiny little grey ball of fluff (see the picture to your right of an 8-week-old FF on dh's lap) curled up next to me on my pillow and kissed my nose. That was the end of that.

So now we have the Nutless Wonder and I'm warming up to him. The kids adore him as does dh. The cats, however, not so much.

I know we're insane for getting a dog when we have an out of state move looming on the horizon, but...well...I've never been a fan of sanity. :-) At any rate, we have a dog and that dog is now nutless.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The s-word

For homeschoolers, that would be "Socialization."

I figured we lived in a far more enlightened time where people realized that typically isn't a problem with today's homeschoolers. With the advent of co-ops, message boards, homeschool PE classes, and other such things created to bring homeschoolers together, I assumed the vast majority of the world understood that homeschooled kids aren't just locked away from the rest of the world.

A fairly recent post at Motherhood Uncensored proved I was wrong. Well, the post can't take credit for my awakening. The comment section is where I repeatedly found references to how homeschooled children lack socialization. Um...ah...what? Our fellow homeschooled children are not only social creatures, but they have friends of all ages. A friend of mine summed it up perfectly at a homeschool field trip a few months back. "Where else would you find an 11-year-old who actually WANTS to play with a 4-year-old?" Some of my children's best friends are other homeschooled children who are all vastly older than them. Some are twice my kids' age and you know what? Not only do those children play happily with mine, they actually ENJOY it.

This rant was inspired by an article I came across over a year ago, but I just found it again in my old sent mail. Here's a link to the article: No Thank You, We Don't Believe in Socialization.

She raises some fabulous points!


We are getting a dog...TODAY. blink. blink.

Dh has a friend at work who's deploying soon and needs someone to take his puppy. We are that someone.

Before we were married we had plans to get a dog, but like I've said a hundred times, dogs just don't fit well into the military lifestyle (as is made evident by the fashion in which we are acquiring this dog and that this is not the first of dh's friends to have this dilemma). I've also insisted that we will not get a dog until we move (when dh is no longer in the military).

What's that line about "Best laid plans?" Um...yeah.

So, as of this evening, we will have a dog. No, the kids don't know yet. We're going to surprise them. Plus, that way, if this falls through for some reason, they won't be crushed.

We're getting a dog. Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Makeup: a dilema

My last post has thrown me into a dilemma. Yes, the whorish painted face of a doll's head has wreaked havoc on my brain.

You see, I can't stand little girls in makeup. I HATE it. My girls dance and I've been really turned off by the parents who paint their little girls up for the dance show. True, a certain amount of blush can be a good thing so they're not washed out by the lights, but heck, my kids are cute. I'll know they're cute regardless of whether the lights are bright.

I own bunches and bunches of makeup, but I very rarely wear it. I like it that way. I hope my girls feel the same way when they grow up.

But then I have to wonder about the styling heads. The dolls didn't come with makeup (well, Girl2's did, but we took it away right away). I only let the girls play with mine as a special treat. I repeatedly tell them that makeup doesn't make someone pretty. They know they don't own any Bratz dolls because those blasted things have WAY too much makeup.

I remember fighting my mother tooth and nail when I was about 5 because I wanted eye shadow, but she wouldn't let me have it. So what did I do? I used my Strawberry Shortcake lipstick on my eyelids. My mother was PISSED. She refused to leave the house with me looking like that. I refused to back down. I don't remember how it ended, but I vividly remember how important that eye shadow was. Then again, I watched my mother put her makeup on every single morning. She had this ritual--where she put it on, how she put it on, what she put on. She had it down to a science and that always fascinated me. I even remember when I was 6 asking her if she would leave me her makeup bag in her will.

She did let me have some kid makeup. When I was 8, I had this horrible looking peach lipstick and green and blue eyeshadow that came in these clip-on doll-looking cases. In every single one of our pictures from Disney that year, I wore that horrible eyeshadow. Now I'm pissed about it (although I am impressed with the the application). The pictures are ruined.

How do I strike a balance? That experimenting, made makeup not so new and fabulous. I got it out of my system and moved on. I remember how I longed for eyeshadow when I wasn't allowed to have it. How do I let my children play without violating my morals? Is letting them put makeup on a doll a good compromise? I just don't know.

Most importantly, I want them to know that they are beautiful, but know that #1. the most important thing is that THEY recognize their beauty and #2 beauty is not only in appearance.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ariel is a crack whore.*


This entry could also be titled, "When makeup-bearing-kindergarteners attack."

*My husband must be credited with the title of this entry. He was trying to explain how badly Girl1 had maimed this doll just within the first day and he explained that Ariel, "looks like a crack whore."

Jan 9, 2007 Edit:
Lots of people are finding their way here when they search for "Ariel Styling Head." So I figure I'll help you out. Click here to see where you can find Ariel Styling Heads including our model which has hands and nails to paint.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just a note

For anyone considering buying those styling heads, just be advised that those things will FREAK YOU THE HELL OUT if left out in the open. I can't tell you how many times dh and I have jumped because we turned around and saw the girls' new styling heads sitting on their school desks. And they only got those blasted things on the last night of Chanukah. So if those things have been able to sneak up on us and scare us that much in just one day, I shudder to think what the next week/month/year will be like (assuming the girls don't destroy them in the next few days).

And FTR, it's difficult to find one of those blasted heads much less two different ones that aren't Barbie or Bratz. Girl1's Ariel head will make an appearance on this blog soon. You see, my daughter has given her a rather interesting makeover that I simply must share with you all. I'll save that for another day, though.

On the last night of Chanukah

my kids gave to Daddy

one pair of sunglasses and a bag of frozen french fries.

I kid you not.

I took the girls to the Dollar Tree to let them pick out a gift for dh. Oh boy was that fun! Before we even got there, Girl1 decided she wanted to buy a "robot with black sprinkles." of luck with that. When we found an orange robot-looking toy, that was not good enough for her because it lacked sprinkles and a dark color.

At one point, Girl2 wanted to get a pack of play dough. I couldn't fault her for it, though, because she explained, "I want to get that so daddy can play with me with that."

She settled for sunglasses (which was actually a good idea. dh always needs more). I preferred the first pair she picked, but she opted for the second one. Let me tell you, it was a HUGE struggle to let her make her own decision and not jump in for her.

After informing Girl1 that her father most definitely did not want a pink sparkly make-up bag, she opted for the robot sans black or sprinkles. That is, until we wandered past the frozen food (yes, our $tree has a frozen food section). There, low and behold, were the fries. She wanted to get that for daddy and she wanted him to share them with her.

Yes, we got them. Yes she did wrap them, but luckily, she wanted dh to open them right away. Girl2 also wrapped hers, but she held off on giving it to dh until after dinner (and yes, dinner did include french fries).

And get this, the girls insisted on getting a gift for their baby brother too. I told them they had to work together to agree on one gift (that baby does not need any more toys/bibs/anything that comes from the $tree). They agreed on a glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt (Target reject, but I couldn't find anything wrong with it). We got it in a size bigger so he can wear it next Halloween, but they insisted he wear it to bed tonight. And so he did. Yes, they did come in in the dark to see it glow.

And so Chanukah ends. Big sigh from me. I love it. I love lighting the candles with them. I love singing the songs and reading books about it. And yes, the chanukah gelt is awfully tasty too. :-) As Chanukah ends, we'll clean off the silver menorah, take down the decorations, and pack it all up. I take heart in the fact that this year for the very first time, we'll also pack away the menorahs the girls made and lit themselves. This is what it's all about.

The real miracle of Chanukah isn't that a flame burned for 8 days. The real miracle is that Chanukah flames still burn over 2000 years later. Judah Macabee lit a flame, but it's our children who kindle that same fire today. THAT is the miracle of Chanukah.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The war on Chanukah

I'm sure you've all heard of the ridiculous "war on Christmas." Just because some people say, "Happy Holidays," instead of wishing everyone (including people who don't celebrate the day) a "Merry Christmas," people insist we are heathens who hate G-d and are out to destroy Christmas.

My feelings are this (in brief): Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Even if you do celebrate Christmas, there's also New Year in there. Holiday means "Holy day," so why pitch a fit?

Granted, a Christmas tree is a CHRISTMAS tree. It is NOT a holiday tree. The other day, dh and I saw something on t.v. where Santa was referring to a "holiday" something or other. Dh said, "He's Santa. He's a Christmas figure. Just call it Christmas." I have no issue with calling things their correct names. If it's a Christmas symbol, calling it something else won't change that.

I also have no issue with trying to respect every one's religious beliefs. Wishing me a "Happy Holiday" will in no way knock you down a notch on the Christian ladder.

In short:
"Holiday tree" = stupid
"Happy Holidays" = respectful

Now here's what prompted this post. On a message board, I shared a picture of the family lighting the candles. I specifically referred to us celebrating "Chanukah." FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE wished us a "Merry Christmas." (one of those wished a "Merry Xmas"). WTF?

Now I understand that some people don't get the whole Jewish thing. Some people assume we celebrate both. We don't. Yet those posts ONLY wished us a "Merry Christmas." There was no mention of Chanukah (the subject of the post and very obvious subject of the picture) at all.

Granted, the vast majority of people wished us a "Happy holidays," and I really do appreciate the warm wishes. I'm just baffled by the Christmas stuff. What are people thinking?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another dream to interpret. This one's dirty.

But no, not in THAT way.

I had a dream a few nights ago. Our yard was just mud. It was raining hard and mud was pouring in from everywhere. It wasn't coming in the house, but in the dream, we lived on a hill and it was just pouring down the hill. I remember being really annoyed at dh in the dream. I don't know why specifically, but I remember thinking he was doing something to make it worse. There was some common sense thing that he was supposed to be doing, but wasn't.

A quick glance at the dream dictionary shows that rain symbolizes fertility. No shock there. What does it all mean, though?

Anyone up for dream analysis?

I had a very strange dream. Anyone care to analyze it?

I dreamt that I was eating shrimp. These were 4 jumbo shrimp. No breading or anything like that. Just 4 large shrimp. I specifically remember there were 4 because at one point, I only saw 3 and got annoyed because I was supposed to have 4. After pushing them around the plate, I found the 4th hidden under another. They were on a plain white plate and I ate them with a metal fork and knife.

I woke up feeling horribly guilty until I realized I had only broken the kosher rules in my dreams. Then I just felt baffled. What on earth does it mean?

I checked out all the symbols in the dream dictionary (see my links on the left), but I'm still very confused. Anyone else care to try interpreting it?

Sharing time part 2
happier, more upbeat, and won't make you want to injure someone.

Okay, we had sharing time where we talked about the worst of times (or comments).

Now let's flip it and have a happier sharing time.

We covered the worst comment, so let's try a happier twist.

What's the nicest thing someone ever said/wrote about you?

I have two.

A friend once told me, "You're so insightful." I LOVED that.

The second is something my midwife wrote to me. I'm going to print her e-mail out and put it under my pillow so I can pull it out and read it whenever I need to. Should I be blessed enough to get pregnant again (see below), I plan on printing out copies and posting them all over the house. I won't be able to open a cabinet without seeing that letter. The whole letter rocked, but this is my very favorite part, "You are an awesome woman.... I hope that you know that. I know it with all my heart and soul."

Does that not rock? And could you imagine an OB ever saying something like that? Hm, I think not.

And now on to something else that's been bothering me:

I don't think it's fair that you all shared your cruel comments with me, but I didn't share with you. Some people really bared their souls and I sat here quietly. I kinda didn't actually want to post about what prompted the last sharing time since she who made the comment reads my blog, but I guess I will.

First a note to she who ticked me off. I love you. You know I do. I'm having a tough time with your pregnancy. You know that or at least you should since I specifically told you 3 times and then I run away whenever I can't take it anymore (despite my name, I don't mean that to be as bitter as it sounds. Well, some days I do, but not right now). But yeah, when you made that comment, it hurt.

You remember that I may not be able to have more kids, right? I met with my midwives and have been going over my records and having some diagnostic tests to see if another baby is a possibility. It's all very stressful and I still have no answers. On top of that, I had a difficult time with my birth experiences. On the anniversary of my most recent c-section. I was on the phone with my sister. Not only had she not acknowledged the day (which was also her godson's birthday), but then she made a comment about how if her baby isn't out fairly near to the due date (remember, my girls were premies and that was the worst experience of my life), she would "cut it out with a spoon." I told her I didn't appreciate it. The conversation ended right after that. At that point, much screaming, cursing, and crying ensued.

So yeah, that's the cruelest thing anyone has said to me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Someone found their way here by searching for "Disscards." As luck would have it, I actually have a link saved to that very thing. And so, I'll share that with you now.



If you have a few free minutes, you really should go take a look. They are hysterical.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xmas carol

I found this on Giselle's blog and of course I had to try it myself. My addictive personality took over and I had to try it for myself over and over again. :-)

Rudolph the red-nosed bitter rose
Had a very shiny nose.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Shall I play for you,
Pa-rum-pum-pum pum,
On my bitter rose.

Little Drummer Boy
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Brightly shone the moon that night,
Though the bitter rose was cruel.

Good King Wenceslas
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Of all the trees
That are in the wood,
The bitter rose bears the crown.

The Holly and the Ivy
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Sunday, December 17, 2006

On the third night of Chanukah...

My true love gave to me,
an arm strap for my MP3s.

Let's recap. Thus far, I have gotten a new MP3 player, an arm strap for it so I can use it at the gym, and a DVD collection of some of my very favorites (the 3-disc set includes Dark Crystal and Labrynth). I am very pleased.

For the first time ever, the girls have been able to light their own menorahs (which they made themselves in Sunday school. That's one of them over there on the left). It's so awesome to be able to share this with them.

Oh, oh, oh and get this. Did you know the Little People are Jewish? Well, not all of them, but at least this family is. The girls got that set and they are absolutely in love with it.

Although, the very best part of it was when they turned their backs and I replaced the baby in the high chair with the dog. It took the girls a second to notice, but when they did, we all cracked up for a full 2-3 minutes.

They may drive me nuts, but I love my kids. They are SO much fun.

We will once again be returning to GratitudeVilleLand.

Here is the link to the site where you can get your letter for the day. As per Giselle's instructions, set all the numbers to 1. Then it will give you one letter.

I'm tired of traipsing over to Giselle's site every time I need a letter, so I'm posting that here.

My letter of the day is O.

Oh boy! (no pun intended)

1. Orgasms. No further explanation necessary.

2. Ocean. I'm a water sign. I love the ocean.

3. Oseh Shalom. It's one of my favorite songs and I just love the meaning behind it.

4. Oxygen. Because breathing is a good thing.

5. Oriental Trading Company. Hey, they have some cool stuff. The kids got some blocks from there for Chanukah. Plus Oriental Trading has some super cute craft supplies.

6. Outdoors. I would go insane if cooped up in here every day. Plus, if we just spend a little time in the great outdoors every day, it's amazing how we can reduce our reliance on unnatural substitutes (Among other things, I'm thinking Vitamin D here. For your average fair-skinned person, just 15 minutes exposure to the sun every week is enough for adequate Vitamin D production with no added supplementation needed).

7. Other people. Thank G-d I'm not alone in this world.

8. Ostriches. They're nasty suckers, but those birds are proof that G-d has a sense of humor. :-)

9. Olives. Whether they be black or green, I do so adore their yummy goodness.

10. Old age. I'm very thankful that those family members who are with us today still are. I'm also thankful for the promise of old age. I'm looking forward to growing old alongside dh.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big J little J what begins with J?

Jerry Jordan's Jelly Jar. J J J

Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for creating that blasted ABC book which was read ad nauseum in the bathroom when the girls were potty training. So I can now recite the entire book from memory.

For today's installment of the gratitude alphabet, I got J.


#1. Jade. I once had a coach from Scotland named Jade. I adored her. She was funny, smart, and very sweet. Plus she had an awesome accent. I haven't seen her in ages, but I'm grateful that she was part of my life.

#2. Jewelry. Sure, I like a wide array of "shinies," but there are specific pieces that are very important to me. I wear a mezuzah necklace that was once dh's. I have worn it for every major life event in the past 6 years. Since dh and I are both the youngest in our family, we plan to pass it down to the youngest of our children. I also have a few very special rings that dh gave me which are very important. Plus I have jewelry from both my grandmothers and from dh's great aunt who passed away recently (a few pieces are rose shaped which I thought was very cool). I'm so thrilled to not only have these pretty pieces to wear, but also to know that I can pass them on to my children some day.

3. Judaism. It's who I am. It's what I believe. It contains rituals and prayers that link my children to their ancestors. It reminds me to behave ethically. I love it. I respect it. I will forever be thankful for it.

4. Journal. I can write. I can put my thoughts down on paper for my private use or here in a public forum to share with you all. It's cathartic. It's capturing a moment. It's a tool for understanding. If I couldn't write my thoughts down, I'd go insane.

5. Justice. Even though it may not always seem like it, there is justice in the world. Sometimes it's blatantly obvious. Sometimes you have to search for it, but it exists. I can be an agent of Justice. When we work together, we can help find it. If you find that something isn't fair, you have the power to work towards fairness. That is a wonderful thing and a great power.

6. Jacket. I have this awesome blue furry coat that was my mother's back in the 60s. I ADORE it and I get all kinds of great comments about it.

7. Jokes. I love to laugh. Anything that helps me do so is fabulous in my book.

8. J'taime. "I love you" in French. I try to make a point of always making that the last thing I say to all the kids before bed and I just LOVE hearing it from them.

9. J.K. Rowling. Without her, there would be no stories about my beloved Harry Potter and my life would be far too dull. Plus you've gotta be thankful for anything that entices kids to read, especially when it's well-written.

10. Jouer. Okay, I'm cheating yet again. Although, I don't believe the rules said my answers had to be in English. French for "To play." I'm grateful that I have moments to play. I'm thankful when I watch my children play. I'm glad there's still lightness and imagination in the world.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Chanukah to all and to all a good night.

It's the first night of Chanukah. WOO HOO.

Took the kids to a party at shul. Gave dh and the girls lightsabers. Got a new KICK-ASS MP3 player that was a complete shock (I love it when I'm surprised). The mailman delivered my brand new diaper bag (my Chanukah gift to myself). I had VERY GOOD latkes cooked just the way I like 'em.

I know we're only 1 day into this holiday, but so far, it's rocking my world. :-)

A very happy Chanukah wish is extended to my fellow yids.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This post brought to you by the number 10 and the letter C.

Okay, I got C for the grattitude thing. Let's see...

1. Costumes. I'm such a dork, but I LOVE Halloween. I also love dress-up and watching my kids play. Add to all that the fact that my brother has a pretty cool costume collection which has made him a favorite among my kids.

2. Children. I'm very grateful for my 3 (and hoping for another). And while we had some issues with creating/having them, I realize our path was not nearly as frightening as it could have been.

3. Challah (the bread we eat on Shabbat). That stuff is GOOD. I also love that I can make it with my kids. They just love braiding the dough to make it themselves. And FTR, the apple challah our shul has for Rosh Hashanah is FABULOUS.

4. Cats. I'm an animal person and always have been (note the picture of a 3-year-old me with my fuzzy sisters* *photo removed). If we weren't military, we'd have a dog too (traveling with dogs and caring for them by myself when dh deploys does not sound like fun), but for now, we just have the cats. Even though they can drive me nuts, I love 'em. And besides, sometimes, they provide me with fodder for the blog. You've gotta be thankful for that.

5. Calculators. The public school system crushed my ability to do math in my head once we moved on to pre-calc and all that stuff. So now I rely on calculators in order to do any math at all.

6. Camera. I adore taking pictures. Without my camera, I wouldn't have been able to document so much of dh and my life together as well as the lives of our kids. Very few pictures exist from my childhood, so I'm particularly thankful for all the pictures I've been able to take of my kids.

7. Candles. Whether it be shabbat, Chanukah or a yarzeit, I'm so very thankful to be able to sanctify the day with candles. I light the candles and say the blessings with my kids just like so many other Jews around the world have done for centuries. There's nothing like sharing that connection.

8. Cousins. Family is hugely important to me. I'm so very thankful that I'm close to my cousins. I'm also very VERY thankful that my children have a chance to know their cousins and to form friendships with them.

9. Cloth diapers. They've saved us a ton of money they help save the environment and they're cute as hell.

10. Coffee. I have three children, insomnia, and until recently, a deployed husband. Coffee is my friend.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm tagged and grateful.

Giselle has tagged me for this journaling challenge. Okay, I'll bite (no, not really. Well, yeah really, but that can get kinda TMI, so the only thing I'll bite right now is my tongue). This looks like it's right up my alley.

I went to the generator (see Giselle's post) and it gave me H.

Here are 10 things that start with the letter H for which I'm grateful. I'm not gonna take days to ponder this. I'm following Giselle's lead and just going with the ones that pop into my head.

1. Heroes (the people, not the show). Granted, I'm grateful for dh, his friends, and our family members who are heroes because they're veterans, but I'm also thankful for everyday heroes. Everyone out there has their own hardships to endure. Some people shoulder through those hardships and go on to give back in ways that are just astounding. I am lucky enough to have known some of those people. I'm forever in awe of them and I'm trying to decide on a huge life change as a direct result of one of them. A number of my friends are my heroes for different reasons. You may not consider your life to be exceptional, but just by being your funny/caring/sweet self, you are touching lives in ways you may never full understand.

2. Hiltons (as in Paris and Nicki). To quote Dr. Seuss, "You ought to be thankful a whole heaping lot for the places and people you're lucky you're not." :-)

3. Huge goofy grins. I just glanced over at a picture of the kids that's here on my desk and in it, Girl1 has her typical huge funny-looking grin. All my kids have mastered that. It cracks me up.

4. Home. I am so very thankful that we have been able to create our home wherever we happen to be. I love this Oliver Wendell Holmes quotation because I think it's so perfect for a military family:“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

5. Horseradish. Hey, it makes everything taste better.

6. Help. I don't like to ask for it, but I'm SO very thankful that there are those around me who are willing to offer their help.

7. Help! No, I'm not being redundant. I'm refering to the Beatles' song.

8. Hope. Um...I can't think of any way to explain this one. It should be pretty obvious.

9. Harry Potter. I LOVE those books. My husband loves those books. My kids love those books.

10. Head (the one on your shoulders. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!). Because guess without one, life would suck. "Your feet are going to be on the ground. Your head is there to move you around." Sorry. It's stuck in my head (no pun intended) and I had to share the joy that is that song with you all.

Oh, oh, oh, and I'll add a bonus:

11. Hebrew. It's the language of my people. My children sing the same Hebrew songs that their great great great great great grandparents sang many years ago. It's a tie that joins Jews together. And besides, without it, I wouldn't have a name. :-)

Now, does anyone else care to join the challenge? This could prove to be very interesting. What happens when the generator gives one of us the letter X? There are only so many X things for which I can be grateful.

Ut oh. I just had a flashback to my (now former) SIL's bridal shower. I didn't go (It was in a different state. I couldn't stand her. And to top it off, her brilliant goy family scheduled the shower for Tisha B'av), but I was assigned the letter V. Oh, you stupid stupid people! I almost considered going just so I could give her the PERFECT V gift (a vibrating cucumber).

Gather round in a circle everyone.

Let's all come sit together on the rug for sharing time.

This is interactive blogging at its finest.

I'll throw out a topic and you all leave your answers in the comment section. Feel free to take this as a blog topic idea for your blog as well. Let me know you're doing it and I promise I'll pop over to take a look.

Here's today's sharing time topic:

What's the cruelest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Did mom say something that left you bawling? Did a stranger (at Walmart--the idiots are always at Walmart) say something that made you want to punch them in the face? Has your kid said something that made you wish you could sell them on ebay?

Do tell. Enquiring minds want to know.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

By the power of Gray Skull...

I swear I had no idea this existed:

The Bitter Rose

Although, I am admittedly thrilled by these findings. I did so adore He-Man (and of course his sister She-rah).

I also found there is another Bitter Rose out there who apparently has a thing for reptiles (sooooo not me). There's some Christian-themed book that shares my name as well as a play. And did you know the name Rosemarie also means "Bitter rose?"

Hey, you learn something new every day.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Testing. Testing. 1-2-3

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I love my friends.

My friends keep me smiling. They keep me laughing. They keep me sane.

Yeah, one could argue that last part, but at least they keep me as sane as I'm gonna get.

I don't have anything specific to report, but I've just gotten a lot of support lately.

I adore my husband. For those who see us together, we may not seem too lovely-dovey, but at home at night, we are (and I don't mean it in the TMI way although yeah, that too). He's my very best friend. But he's a guy and there's just so much to the female mind/life/mood that he can't understand. My girlfriends, however, get it. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I recently did this tarot card reading thing to try to get some insight about the baby issue (I'm not as newagey as I sound, but I'm pretty open-minded). One of the cards I got was the 8 of coins and I didn't think it fit at all (the others all did quite well). I sent the reading to Giselle and she pointed out that one aspect of that card is not asking for help. Yeah, that's me. I would much prefer to do things myself rather than ask for help. I'm fiercely proud of the fact that even after an epidural, I insisted on putting my own feet in the stirups. With my friends, though, I don't need to ask for help. They know I need it without me having to say a word.

I will be forever grateful for their kind words, hugs, stupid jokes, and even their silence while they let me vent.


Who would have thought that what I needed to help pull me out of the baby-related funk is yet another pregnancy (someone else's not mine)?

A friend (who shall remain anonymous until she outs herself publically) just told me her news. Bless her heart! She was worried about how I'd take it (we've both been ranting to each other about our birth experiences and how we feel around pregnant women). I'm not at all upset. I'm just thrilled for her. I know I said I needed a break from the pregnancy stuff, but honestly, I'm not at all upset. I'm just super excited and very very happy.

She's been trying for a long time. Although she doesn't always think so, she's a fantastic mother. She deserves this.

I'm SO excited for her and her husband. Yay!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dear pregnant ladies
(since there are so freaking many of you),

I don't want to hear about babies! I don't want to hear about pregnancy. I don't want to hear about birth. I don't care who you are. I don't care how bad/wonderful of a time you had/are having.

I don't want to hear about it.

Those who know/love me should realize these discussions are NOT a good idea on any day, but TODAY they are a really bad idea for oh so many reasons.

If you're happy, then I'm thrilled for you, but I just need a break.

Please, PLEASE, can we pick a different topic?

Grudgingly/begrudgingly yours,

P.S. backstory can be found here.

Pearl Harbor

Today is the 65th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Kamrin already posted a fabulous entry about it. Go there and read it (see my "read" list).

I can't say anything more than she does, but I wanted something here to acknowledge the day.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just because this made me laugh

I simply must share this entry from Science Fiction Twin. We could all use a giggle.

The Inelegant Universe

When I read it a few days ago, I laughed. I just read it again and laughed yet again. Anything that is that powerful deserves to be shared. :-)

Stealing a survey from Kamrin

Where are you people? I go away for a week and my readers vanish.

Hello, hello, hello
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

Sorry, it seemed like a good time to bust into a Pink Floyd song. Then again, is it ever a bad time to do so? My roomate freshman year and I didn't always get along well, but damn it, she had great taste in music (aside from Live. Ohhh how I hate Live).

Wow. I really took a trip into Tangentland, didn't I? I'm sorry about that.

Anyway, I'm stealing this survey from Kamrin:

What was your first car?
A grey 1991 Nissan Stanza (nicknamed the Phairmobile because of the Liz Phair sticker I had on the back).

When did you go to your first funeral?
My aunt's when I was 16. I wasn't allowed to go to my other aunt's when I was 2 and 1/2 nor my grandfather's when I was 6 (almost 7). I still wish I could have been there.

Who was your first grade teacher?
Ms. Pamela. To this day, she's one of my very favorite teachers.

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
California when I was 6 or 7.

When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
I was alone.

Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?
A girl my family called "Little Michelle" was my first best friend. My parents occasionally run into her mom. Apparently she's married and living in FL now. I haven't seen her since we were little kids, though.

Who is the first person you talked to this morning?

Whose wedding were you in the first time?
My oldest sister's.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Open my eyes. After that, I silently plead with G-d to give me at least a few more minutes of rest.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
Tiffany and no I'm not ashamed.

First tattoo or piercing?
I got my ears pierced when I was 6 or 7.

First celebrity crush?
tie: Michael Jackson and David Hasselhof.

First crush?
Sammy. He was a friend of mine when I was about 8.

When was your first detention?
Freshman year. My honors English class was a nightmare for substitutes. When we made one run crying and refuse to sub again at our high school, our regular teacher gave us detention when she came back.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

My brother is a dork,

but that's okay. So am I.

For the first time ever, I will post a picture of one of my children here. This occurance is a direct result of my brother's dorkiness (and his costume collection which stems from the aforementioned dorkiness).

This is Darth Girl2. She is wearing my brother's mask and cape while playing with one (yes, he has more than one) of his lightsabers. Have I mentioned that my brother is pushing 40? These are not his kids' toys. His son is a baby. These are MY BROTHER'S toys.

Not that I'm faulting him for it. I think it's pretty freaking cool. You see, my brother is not alone in his dorkiness. :-) I'm sitting right beside him on that bench. My kids think my brother is absolutely fantastic. They already thought their uncle was pretty cool, but after busting out all this stuff, they damn near worshipped him. Rightfully so, too. My brother kicks ass!

Here is my brother playing with (and I swear he's not really attacking her no matter how it may appear) one of the girls. Note that he willngly made do with a broom stick. He let the kids have all the lightsabers.

Have I mentioned my brother's a dork? Have I mentioned I adore him for it? Yeah, I thought so, but I just had to do it one more time.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I survived a 16 hour road trip with three kids...

and all I got are these circles under my exhausted eyes.

We got in last night.

We had a fantastic time.

I'll post a brief recap (complete with pictures which I very rarely post) very soon.

Check back soon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not enough hours in the day

We'll be making a trip to visit family out of state on Tuesday. This will be a 15-HOUR drive to visit family out of state. This will be a 15-HOUR drive WITH THREE CHILDREN.

I am insane.

Either that or I'm the world's best sister for being willing to do this to visit my brother and sister. I'm gonna go with the best sister thing. It sounds far less sinister plus it would give me an excuse to wear my crown (not that I need an excuse, but it would be nice to have a reason if someone asks).

That means we have a lot of running around to do tomorrow. Mild panic beginning to set in. There aren't nearly enough hours in the day for this.

I may very well be THE WORLD'S BEST SISTER (such a title should be in all caps), but I am also insane as well.

Fear not, fair readers, we're bringing the laptop to my brother's (who is oh so graciously saving us about a thousand dollars by letting us stay with him. WORLD'S BEST BROTHER award goes out to him), so I should still be able to blog from there. It won't be nearly as frequently, but I should be able to pop on now and then.

After 15 hours of driving (plus all the bathroom breaks), I'm gonna have LOTS to blog about.

Forget the crown. I'm gonna need liquor.

Friday, November 17, 2006

South Park lost its allure for me years ago...

but when Her Bad Mother pointed her readers in the direction of a site where one can find the inner SouthParkian self, I jumped on it.

I don't post pictures of myself, but I'll make an exception just this once:

And yes, I really do insist on wearing a crown IRL. You only think I'm kidding.

If I believed in a hell...

I would SO be going there.

Why? Because I have not only taken to laughing at the poor cat, but I have now nicknamed her Funnel Face. I'm not just revelling in her misfortune, I'm making fun of it as well.

I suck, but hey, at least I'm laughing.

She is awfully funny...pathetic, but funny too.

If the girls are Girl1 and Girl2, then this would be Cat2 (aka Funnel Face). She is forever getting into something. She's not that bright and she's accident prone. Not a fun combo.

Yesterday, she cut her foot. A trip to the vet resulted in 3 hours under anesthesia so they could "stitch" (they really glued) her up, wrap her foot, and send her home with her very own funnel.

Poor, poor Funnel Face. I really do feel sorry for you. Unfortunately, I also feel highly amused by you.

I must not only mock her misfortune, but also record it in photographic form.

Doesn't this picture just scream, "I'm going to kill you in your sleep if you keep laughing at me"?

Jews in green

Pammer had a great question about being Jewish in the military. She asked, "Just curious... are there many jews in the military? Or is it hard to lead a jewish life while enlisted?"

There are more Jews than you might think, but yes, it is difficult to be a Jewish military family.

I had about 4 Jewish friends in college (small school with a very small Jewish community). I've completely lost track of one, but of the other three, 2 of them spent time in the military. One had to leave the Marines fairly early on due to a health issue, but another is in the Army. He's stationed in Iraq now and has been for a while (his wife just had a gorgeous baby girl about 4 months ago. He got to come home for a week to see her and went right back).

The title of this post is actually taken from this website: Jews In Green. Their tagline is "The ultimate source for Jewish service members." So apparently there are enough of us out there to warrant a website on the matter.

My mother's boss (who is also Jewish) keeps making insane comments about my husband being in the military. He likes to repeatedly ask, "Who has ever heard of a Jew in the military?" My response is always the same. "Have you never heard of ISRAEL where military service is mandatory?"

We are, however, still greatly outnumbered. Getting off for the high holidays is impossible for dh. He's been able to attend services twice during his entire military career. He's always either out of the country or in training. Once, they just refused to give him off. I love my husband, though, because he still insisted on working Xmas that year even though they offered him the day off. His thinking was that he'd rather work so someone who actually celebrated the day could have off. Oh how I adore my husband!

Keeping kosher was impossible for dh when he was deployed. If you can go into town, it's not so bad because the Muslim dietary laws are very similar to ours. When you're confined to the base or in an area where the towns are hostile, you eat what the military serves you and that's usually nowhere remotely near kosher. Dh just came in the room, so I asked him for his thoughts on keeping kosher while deployed. Here's his response, "Impossible. I'd starve."

One aspect that makes it difficult is the military tends to station you in places you would never consider living otherwise. For us, that means we wind up living in places that have small Jewish communities. We're both originally from an area that had a good-sized Jewish community. In high school, the entire town had the Jewish holidays off. Here, the public school system doesn't even acknowledge them. I actually love where we're living now, but it's not a hotbed of Jewish culture by any stretch of the imagination.

All the parties are Xmas parties. They tried to call it a "holiday" party a few years ago, but that's when Chanukah was very early and so the party was actually held after Chanukah. So it was a Christmas party no matter what they called it.

The kids used to go to a playgroup sponsored by the military. At the party for that playgroup last year, someone walked up to me and asked, "Are you the Jew?" I was more than a little taken aback. Turns out she meant well. She wanted to know because all the other kids got Xmas books, but she had gotten secular toys for my girls. I was thrilled that she had gone out of her way. I was just a little taken aback at being asked if I was "the Jew."

Here's a quasi-related story about Chanukah in the military: Protestant B. Not. I've read it before and I love it. I figure this is a good forum in which to share it.

Some of the difficulties are specific to the military. Some of them have to do with living where we do. Some of them we know we'd have to deal with in the civilian world as well. We're pretty good at adapting, though. If you're a military family and you don't get that adapting thing down quickly, you either won't be military for long or you won't be a family for long.

To be a Jewish family in the military, sometimes we have to march to the beat of our own drum. Other times, we have to bring our own full orchestra. :-)

The glutton for punishment strikes again
and this tme she's headed for Wal-mart
with small children in tow.

We are headed food shopping this morning.

For my long-time readers, you'll know what a fiasco that can be.

It's FAR easier now that the husband is home (let me pause now to bow down in thanks for that), but it's still a hassle with three little ones.

And so, as I embark on this great journey, please keep me in your thoughts. L-rd knows we can use thoughts and prayers while we're at Wal-Mart.

If I should return home alive (and in one piece), upon walking through the front door, I will make the profound statement, "One small step for (a) man. One giant leap for a frazzled mother of twins and a baby (oh yeah and her husband too)."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photos for holiday cards
(aka I'm a glutton for punishment)

I came across this blog entry about rules for holiday photo shoots and I must share.

Great stuff. Rule #2 is brilliant. Why oh why did I never think of that? 1 and 2 are pretty useful as well.

A brief jaunt through the old harddrive would produce the 30-some-odd photos my sister took in an insane attempt to get a family photo for the holiday card.

Since we're Jewish and most of our friends are not, we send out New Year cards. I like to pat myself on the back and think it's a brilliant idea for two reasons: #1. No worry about covering all the holidays/trying to find generic winter cards (because while Chanukah photo cards do apparently exist, they are very good at hiding. Chanukah photo cards = The Jewish mom's bigfoot) and #2. It can be done AFTER the chaos of the gift-giving holidays

Ever since the twins were born, I've been a big fan of photo cards. When the twins were toddlers, dh was deployed and I apparently had a death wish. I had an exact vision of the holidy photo I wanted. It involved me wearing my military wife locket in Bubbe's chair (dh's grandmother's wingchair), the girls in their pretty new fancy Chanukah dresses, a picture of dh in uniform next to dh's boots (when you're stationed in the desert, they issue you different boots from your everyday uniform) which would hold a single rose from the boquet he sent me while deployed.

If you have children and/or have tried to photograph children, I assume you're rolling around on the floor right now laughing at my insanity. Feel free to pause here until you can see through the tears that I'm sure your laughter has caused.

My sister came to take the picture. G-d bless her, she tried and tried and tried and tried some more. We got lots of photos of the kids climbing on me, running away, grabbing for the rose, trying to step into dh's boots, and other random "fun." We did not, however, get anything remotely resembling the picture I had imagined. We didn't even get a shot that could be called acceptable. We did, however, wind up with a funny story to share, a chance to commiserate with other parents (particularly those with more than one child) who also had delusions of grandeur, and lots of pictures I can use when my kids grow up and try to pull that, "It's all your fault," card. I think not. Look at the crap you put me through. Your father was deployed. My life was stressful as hell. All I wanted was one decent photograph, but would you comply? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You insisted on actively trying to make my life miserable. I shouldn't be blamed for your problems. I should be commended for not selling you on ebay.

Whoops, we took a brief detour into Tangentland. Sorry about that.

Anyway, yeah, taking holiday pictures can be stressful.

Anyone have any stories about taking holiday pictures (or taking pictures in general) of the kids to share? I'm all ears. It's even better if you share the photographic evidence.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Acquaintance vs. Friend

Here's an example from my real life:

When you insist you're going to kill someone, an acquaintance will laugh politely. A friend, however, will ask, "Do you need help hiding the body or do you have that covered?"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom

aka this site could save your life.

Check this out: parent hacks.

Lots of tips for parents. I particularly like this one. We tried something similar with the bigger kids and it really made a difference.

I also like the tip about using a kitchen cart as a changing table. We went NUTS looking for a dresser the right height so that we could just attach the handy changing pad we bought. Never did find said dresser, so we actually did spend big bucks for a dresser/changing table combo at the You-Must-Buy-All-This-Crap-That-
At the time, we had not one, but TWO kitchen carts including one that was SUPER sturdy. Well, it's too late for us, but maybe someone will find that useful.

The third time around, we just change the baby on the floor. Dirtbag mom or realistic mom? You be the judge.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The joys of homeschooling

While at dinner the other night, we had a mini-math lesson. The girls traded things back and forth and we asked them to total them up. I commented to dh, "Don't you just love homeschooling? We went out for Chinese and got a math class for free." :-)

When we went out yet again tonight (completely my fault. I got stir crazy and had to get out of the house before I put all the kids up on ebay), we skipped the math lesson, but maybe we shouldn't have.

You see, we got these LOVELY fried jalapenos stuffed with cheese as an appetizer (horrible for the waistline, but magnificent for the taste buds). There were six total. They served them on skewers, 2 to a skewer. Dh and I split them. The bigger kids actually adore spicy foods, but my husband and I are greedy.

There were so many math lessons to be had. What a wasted opportunity!

  • There are 3 skewers. Each has 2. How many is that total?
  • How would you divide them so your parents each have the same amount?
  • How many different ways could you split them up between your parents (you'll get a higher grade on this quiz if you short-change your dad)?
  • Let's count how many times your baby brother reaches for the fattening fried cheesy jalapeno goodness before your parents wise up and move him the heck over.
  • If your mother grabs all the jalapenos, how fast would she have to be traveling to get away quickly enough to eat them before your father catches up?

New addition to the reading list

First and foremost, Crib Chick's blog pointed me in the direction of the Ramblin Educat (which I will be adding to my "read" list in the next few moments. Go check it out (along with my other "reads" because if I take time out of my busy day to read them, you know they've got to be good). While looking through the blogroll there, I noticed quite a few of the blogs I used to read (and still would if there were more hours in the day).

I particularly liked the Veterans' Day entry from that blog: Loving Rome More

I also liked this entry which made me think of a dearly beloved friend who teaches high school English. Oh, the stories she has told me! That entry made me giggle and anything that makes me giggle must be shared. Enjoy.

Veterans Day

I wanted to post about Veterans' Day, but honestly, I just don't have the words. Yes, that's very strange to admit. I always have something to say, including (or maybe especially) those times when I should just shut up and sit down. I just can't find a way to put all my thoughts into a cohesive entry that really lets you inside my mind.

I can't explain my thoughts, so maybe I'll tell you about my actions. I honored the day with my family.

My husband is so many things. There are so very many sides to him and he plays so many roles. It sometimes baffles me that in addition to everything else, he is a veteran. It's been a part of our lives for years, so it shouldn't be a shock, but every once in a while, the reality of it hits me. It's only then when I can fully realize how very blessed I am.

Regardless of my feelings toward this conflict (and administration), I recognize that we celebrate the many freedoms we have thanks to the sacrifice of veterans.

My husband is a good man. My husband is a veteran. My husband is safe. My husband is home.

Baruch Atah Adonai Elohaynu Melech Ha'olam Sheheyanu Vikeeyamanu v'heegeyanu lazman hazeh
Blessed are You O L-rd Our G-d Ruler of the Universe who has enabled us to see this joyous day.

We went to an event yesterday where I read a mother's account of losing her son to the Iraqi conflict. Her story was accompanied by a picture of the man smiling in his desert BDUs, the same uniform my husband wore every day until one week ago.

I felt my eyes tear up, but for the first time in a long time, I didn't have to fight the tears back. I didn't have to worry about being the strong single parent while dh was away. I didn't have to run to the computer in the evening and type up a short e-mail telling dh I loved him (in which I couldn't possibly explain what lead to the blubbering love e-mail because you just don't write about death to those who are deployed).

Instead, I walked over to my husband, I hugged him, I cried, I kissed him and then I told him I loved him.

That is how I spent my Veterans' Day.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sorry for the silence

Lots has happened here.

Dh is home. The kids are thrilled, but are very good at testing boundaries. The Boy has learned to use "Dada" in reference to his daddy rather than to signify the telephone and/or pictures. The Boy has even started asking for the daddy in the morning, even before the child starts demanding the cats. That's a big deal because that child does so love to torture his fuzzy sisters. I'm very very happy to have my husband home. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind while we try to find a ballance between what needs to be done, what we want to do, and all the adjustments we must fit into place.

While I've been ecstatic about dh's homecoming, I'm also heartbroken for a friend. When she told me she was pregnant a few weeks ago, I was literally in tears I was so excited for her. If anyone in the world deserves more children, it's this friend of mine. She's a fantastic mom. She has always been one of my idols of motherhood. She's fun. She's creative. She's brilliant. She's gentle. She's loving.

Earlier this week, she lost her baby. You'll understand why I haven't felt much like updating. I'm just SO saddened for her. I'm also a little mad at the world right now. Not only did this friend truly deserve another baby, that baby deserved a chance to have such wonderful parents.

My posts will probably be sporadic for a while. I hope you understand.

I promise I'll be back with more of my eccentric insight in the near future.

Until then, here's a chihuahua in a clown costume. Enjoy:

Friday, November 03, 2006

To do list

I'm quite proud of what I've checked off the to do list thus far.

  • Clean out the storage boxes at the foot of our bed. CHECK.
  • Put boxes back in some semblance of order. CHECK
  • Vacuum bedroom rug. CHECK
  • Clear out the van. CHECK (although I need to remember to take the stroller out of the trunk so there's room for dh's luggage)
  • Empty random bags lying around. CHECK
  • Take out the garbage (on Tuesday night. Seems like the small things are the only things I fight. Sorry, I had a Liz Phair moment). CHECK
  • Regrout the bath tub. CHECK And no, I'm not kidding. I started regrouting it when I was pregnant. My water broke while I was in the process
  • Gather the Halloween decorations CHECK, but I still need to get them in the attic.
  • Buy new underwear. CHECK. Of course Fredericks of Hollywood doesn't have a link to the corset set I got or I'd share it with ya. I try on damn near everything in the store and of course the one thing I settle on is something they don't have on the website. Figures.
  • Straighten up the kitchen. CHECK
  • Get manicures for self and bigger kids. CHECK

So hey, not too shabby of a day. I still have more work to do, but it shouldn't be too bad, plus I have friends coming to help.

The oddest thing happened yesterday. I opened up all the Winter clothes boxes and took out the clothes--mine and dh's. It was so strange, but very exciting to put his clothes back. I also moved towels around and hung up one for him. I busted out his pillow and put a case on it. I didn't realize how the evidence of his existance faded in his absence. We think about him all the time and there are pictures everywhere, so it didn't hit me until I was in the process of putting his things back.

Tomorrow is the big anniversary party at the gym and I'm really looking forward to that. There will be free food and prizes. My sister's coming with me. It should help break up the day and keep me from going completely insane (some would argue that I went there years ago and have been selling commemorative t-shirts by the side of the road ever since, but I digress). I'm gonna wear some tiny jeans. Everyone there always sees me in my dumpy workout clothes. They've never seen me madeup, so I'm going to show off a bit. :-) I've made some great friends at the gym, so I'm really looking forward to this party.

And now, I bid thee fare well. I should have been in bed a while ago, but I needed a brief distraction. My posting will be a bit sporatic for a while. I'm sure you'll all understand, though.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Add this to the wishlist

Forgive me for drooling, but I am absolutely in LOVE with these rings.

I'm all about the photos of the kids. I'm also all about jewlery. Combine the two and I may very well squeal with delight. Oh, and she'll engrave names/sentiments on the ring as well. If I start levitating from the ecstatic joy, please grab me by the ankle and pull me back down.

I'm afraid to ask about pricing, though.

Late breaking news

This just in to your local news: An area woman has been arrested on counts of attempting to sell her children on Ebay and when that auction was pulled, she then acted in a manner which has now lead to new charges of attempted murder.

Said the frazzled mother, "I'm pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. They won't let me sleep DAMN IT. If you had to get by caring for three heathens, with no spouse to help for this long on this little sleep, you'd be freaking nuts too!"

She was then lead away in handcuffs while singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" repeatedly...and in Hebrew.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chickens and muppets

You guys, I'm seriously addicted to these chickens.

Here's another cartoon in honor of my recent muppet obsession:

These chickens are living my life.

I'm not making a statement.

I'm just sharing this because it made me giggle.

Trying to work the kinks out with the new blog (I made the mistake of switching this to Beta a few days ago and that's making it damn near impossible to import my posts from here to another service). It should be finished in the not too distant future.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Movin' right along. Foot-loose and fancy free.
Gettin' there is half the fun; come share it with me.

I'm tired of the problems with Blogger. I'm taking my toys and going home.

As we speak, I'm working on a new blog elsewhere. There's apparently a glitch because it's giving me a hard time importing this blog there. When I get that fixed, I'll share the link to my new home.

In the meantime, can anyone tell me where the song I used in my title is from? No cheating!

Mild panic sets in

I'm beginning to panic.

I don't know how much of it is stress, how much of it is not getting enough sleep, or how much of it is just the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm certifiably insane.

Dh is due home very soon, but there's too much to do.

The house is a pit. I need to dye my hair again and then get it cut before dh comes home. I promised the girls a manicure before daddy gets home if they'd stop biting their nails already. Not that they have stopped biting their nails, mind you, but I figure they can get manicures while I'm getting my hair cut. Although, that still leaves the boy and if I'm in the high up chair with a drape on getting my hair chopped, I won't be able to wrangle him.

This week is busy as hell. I usually turn to my sister for help, but she's back in school and ballancing all sorts of stuff. So she's not terribly available.

How the hell am I gonna get everything done? I don't think my expectations are unrealistic. I'm not planning on completely repainting every exposed surface in the house before dh's impending arrival. I just want to clean. There's a thick layer of dust on everything of which I'm not a fan. The kids' too small clothes are all over the place that need to be packed away. While I'm doing that, I have to talk myself out of a dive into DepressionVille while I ask myself, "Why am I packing these away? Why not just sell them? We're done anyway." I have clothes scattered everywhere. About 2 weeks' worth of mail is scattered randomly throughout the house. The carpets need to be shampooed because the damn cat threw up in not one, but TWO rooms. The rocking chair has been completely useless for a month now because when I repainted that room last month, I piled a bunch of stuff on there and have yet to take it off.

I don't have any huge projects to accomplish, but there are lots and lots of little things.

I'm just feeling like I'm never gonna get this done. And so, the panic has set in.

A deep-seeded hatred

My children hate me.

Yesterday, The Boy woke up at promptly 5 am. He usually sleeps straight through the night, so when I stayed up until 1, I didn't think much of it. Well, even after nursing, he refused to go to sleep. Then he woke his sisters up. While he fell back to sleep before 6 am, his sisters woke up shortly after 5 and were up for good.

I am NOT a morning person. I usually try to stay in bed until at least 8 am. Since I went to bed at 1 and the kids were up for good at 5, I got 4 hours of sleep.

But hey, the clocks go back. I get an extra hour. I could deal. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I was going to nap when The Boy did, but of course I wasn't tired then. When I finally started to feel tired, he woke up.

I had to stay up last night doing laundry (it was Shabbat, so I couldn't do the cleaning during the day), so I didn't get to bed until after 11 (I planned on going to bed around 8 or 9 to catch up on lost sleep). Still, the thought of that extra hour comforted me.

My children, however, had other ideas. The Boy was up before 5. He took a while to go back to sleep and woke the sisters up. They not only refused to go back to sleep, but started opening and closing their door repeatedly (their room is right next to mine and I'm sensitized to the sound of that door. My mommy sensor goes off every time it opens or closes and that completely rouses me from sleep).

I tried laying down with the girls in hopes that my presence would force them to SHUT THE HELL UP AND STAY STILL. It actually did accomplish that, but Girl2 is stuffy. She couldn't fall back to sleep and her sniffling kept me up. So I went back to my room assuming the girls were calm enough and close enough to sleep. WRONG. They were instantly up and bouncing. Then they woke The Boy up.

I turned up the heat and started a hot bath in the hopes that by the time I was done with a bath, everyone would be asleep and I could do the same. No such luck.

I'm ready to throttle them all.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

My father, the Hero

I got the kids Batman jammies. Here's a discussion the pajamas inspired:

Me: That's Batman. Batman is Daddy's favorite superhero.
Girl1: Daddy is my favorite superhero.

To that, I must say, "ITA."

What's in a name?

This link is fun to play around with. How many people are there in the U.S. with your name? You can search for first and last name or one of each.

How Many Of Me

If you come from a large family (or a small one that likes to marry and divorce then marry again in one insanely long unending cycle), this could keep you busy for a while.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Military Commercial

My take on that commercial

Initially, when I saw the video above, I was really moved. As a military wife, though, I find myself getting more cynical. I'm glad to find everyone is embracing the troops rather than villifying them as was done 30 years ago. Still, I have to wonder what else these people are doing to support our troops.

Slapping a sticker on your car or applauding is appreciated, but there is SO much more you can do to support our troops and their families. If you need ideas, head over here. You can also visit Sgt Mom which features links for those wanting to help. While there, I found Socks for Soldiers. Kamrin, that one's for you.

Please keep applauding, but if you really respect our troops, show them that in a more concrete way.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Worried. Ecstatic. Depressed. Guilty.

So go my moods.

I got some fabulous news. It's great news, much better than I had hoped. It's wonderful dance on the rooftops news.

Although, now I'm feeling guilty and depressed because my reaction is all about me. I should be celebrating for someone else, but instead I'm horribly upset. Then I feel awful because I really do want to celebrate. I didn't think I'd react this way. I thought I could just be happy like everyone else. I don't want to make this about me.

But that's where my mind went and I can't get it out of that hole. I want to talk to dh about it, but I really would rather not dump emotional baggage on him now plus he's working, so it's not like he could call. Even if he could, he'd sit there silently. I know he doesn't want me to hurt, but I don't think he really understands how deep this pain goes. I'm not sure he wants to understand.

No one else gets it. So there's nowhere for me to turn. One friend has a better idea than the others, but she's not around. No one else gets it. Some sympathize and I'm so glad for that, but they just can't really understand. Although, I'm not sure I'd want to turn to anyone else because I know I must seem horribly ungrateful. I shouldn't be wallowing in my own misery. I should be celebrating for someone else.

I swear I didn't know I would go to this place. I had no idea. Now that I'm here, the one thing I want most is to be in dh's arms and that's just not possible. I want to get out of this house. I want someone else to come over. I don't want to be left here alone to mourn. But it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Harry Potter and the Simulated Sex Act

So Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is going to appear live on stage in the nude. Woah!

From what I've heard, he wants to show that he can do something different. Well, simulating a sex-act while astride a horse will certainly do that for ya.

FTR, Daniel Radcliffe never did really look the part as I imagined it. Then again, the German version of HP outright terrifies me. At least that's not the French version which makes the kids look like they'd be right at home with Miss Clavel.

And hey, did you know you can get Harry Potter on a kippah? Harry Potter and the Jewish Headcovering. I'm telling ya, it's in the works. Just give J.K. Rowling some time.

Dude, you should all convert. We have the best hats. Check this out:
You can also get a Rolling Stones one, a Super Man one, a pie, Gay/Jewish/American pride all in one, one for the kids, one for my sister, one for my sister's boyfriend to step on, one for a friend's son who isn't even Jewish, one for the girly girls, one for those who love binary code just a little too much (it's the Sh'ma in binary code), and let's not forget one for my husband.

Completely random, but here's the Peep version of Harry Potter. Apparently this site is old, but it's the first I've seen of it: Peeps in all sorts of interesting predicaments.

Wherein I take a stab at dream analysis

Irim took a stab at analyzing my dream. Thanks for that, but I'm not sure how true it rings.

First off, I'm a Pisces. I LOVE the ocean. It's not something frightening to me. In the dream, I wasn't afraid of the water. It was always calm and not very deep. I was afraid of the distance. I was afraid of being isolated from land. When the scary guy came, there was no way for me to get away.

My fear of the guy was because he was large and frightening. He had a creepy look on his face that only got worse when he smiled. Think of the Green Mile. The book description of the guy is actually better than the movie version. In the dream, the man coming at me was just like the physical appearance of that character, but without the gentleness. The man in the dream never spoke, but he always seemed really sinister.

Okay, here's what I think the dream is about: I think it's about my vulnerability in dh's absence.

One thing people don't realize is just how vulnerable military wives are when husbands are away. I'm not one who freaks out about everything that could go wrong, but I admit that I worry more in dh's absence.

It doesn't matter if he really could knock out an intruder. What matters is that as long as there's a male in the house, you're less likely to be a victim. People see him coming and going (particularly if he's coming and going in a military uniform) and there's the perception that there's someone there to protect you. I'm a Feminist and I don't like the idea of needing someone to protect me. I don't know that I really do, but the perception is there. If people know a man is in the house, I think people are less likely to mess with you.

Just a few nights ago, I came home from a friend's house and had to carry all the sleeping children inside one-by-one. I feel SO very vulnerable when I have to do that. I have to leave 2 children in the car while I carry in the first. Then leave another in the car while I carry in the next. Anyone who knows me at all knows that at any point in time, there is a child in that car alone while I'm doing this dance.

I can't tell many people that my husband is deployed. Then people know I'm alone and it makes me a big target for potential problems. We have lots of military pictures and memorabilia in the house, so plumbers/electricians/etc. know that my husband is military. When I have anyone in the house to do work, I have to make a point of saying my husband is "at work." We have new neighbors that I don't know. They constantly have new people over. If they have paid any attention at all to us, they know I'm alone with these kids.

So I think the dream had more to do with me feeling vulnerable both for myself and for my children.

I think the part where I easily go down the stairs, but then can't get back up may be about me feeling like I can't protect them in dh's absence. I wasn't able to get back to them. Now that I think about it, even the way I rushed down the steps and then turned around and quickly came back is similar to "Get the sleeping kids in the house" dance.

Okay, this may be REALLY random, but now that I think of it, the big man walking through the water towards me is kind of reminiscent of the images from Hurricane Katrina. I reacted horribly to Katrina. There were weeks when we didn't know if family members (who live in New Orleans) were alive. My family is from that area.

So what does that mean exactly?

As for the log he was carrying, I wasn't supposed to make it into a boat. I was supposed to ride it across as-is. In the dream, I knew I had walked through the water before, but my problem was that I couldn't get the kids across. When I saw the log, I tried to figure how I could get all 3 kids to sit on it to get across the water and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't.

As for the part where I wanted to call a friend and opted against it, I'm not quite sure what that means. Yeah, I do tend to not want to bother people, but I think that's warranted. This particular friend is one of my best friends, but she has TONS going on in her life right now. She's also pregnant, so I wonder if that doesn't someone tie into my issues surrounding pregnancy.

I'm going out on a limb here, but let's say she represents pregnancy. Maybe my brain is saying that I shouldn't even consider another pregnancy if I'm feeling unable to protect the 3 children I already have.

That's all I've got for ya for now.

Oh, as for the dh part, In the dream, part of me felt like I was saying, "Go away," just to make the person react. It was only when I said that that dh looked up. When he did come in, I was absolutely elated. I was actually really bothered when I woke up and realized he wasn't there.

Ooooohhhh, after writing that, I just realized something interesting. My mother's first husband was in the military. He was away when my brother was born. He didn't come home until my brother was 2. When he did, my brother wanted nothing to do with him. He actually told his father to, "Go away." It's interesting that I used the exact same phrase.

Hmmm...since that was immediately followed by dh's interaction with the baby, I wonder if it has to do with some unrealized concerns about how the baby will accept dh. In all honesty, I don't think I have any fears. I don't know that the baby will specifically remember dh, but I think The Boy will take to him right away. He's absolutely fascinated by men and he remembers something about dh since The Boy stares at anyone in camouflage. I think the reunion will be an easy one. But maybe there's a part of my subconscious that's worried.

Hmmm...certainly gives me something to think about.

Big thanks for the comment. It really made me take a look at the dream.