Thursday, October 26, 2006

My take on that commercial

Initially, when I saw the video above, I was really moved. As a military wife, though, I find myself getting more cynical. I'm glad to find everyone is embracing the troops rather than villifying them as was done 30 years ago. Still, I have to wonder what else these people are doing to support our troops.

Slapping a sticker on your car or applauding is appreciated, but there is SO much more you can do to support our troops and their families. If you need ideas, head over here. You can also visit Sgt Mom which features links for those wanting to help. While there, I found Socks for Soldiers. Kamrin, that one's for you.

Please keep applauding, but if you really respect our troops, show them that in a more concrete way.

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Kamrin said...

Sniff! I getting some yarn out!