Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Harry Potter and the Simulated Sex Act

So Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is going to appear live on stage in the nude. Woah!

From what I've heard, he wants to show that he can do something different. Well, simulating a sex-act while astride a horse will certainly do that for ya.

FTR, Daniel Radcliffe never did really look the part as I imagined it. Then again, the German version of HP outright terrifies me. At least that's not the French version which makes the kids look like they'd be right at home with Miss Clavel.

And hey, did you know you can get Harry Potter on a kippah? Harry Potter and the Jewish Headcovering. I'm telling ya, it's in the works. Just give J.K. Rowling some time.

Dude, you should all convert. We have the best hats. Check this out:
You can also get a Rolling Stones one, a Super Man one, a pie, Gay/Jewish/American pride all in one, one for the kids, one for my sister, one for my sister's boyfriend to step on, one for a friend's son who isn't even Jewish, one for the girly girls, one for those who love binary code just a little too much (it's the Sh'ma in binary code), and let's not forget one for my husband.

Completely random, but here's the Peep version of Harry Potter. Apparently this site is old, but it's the first I've seen of it: Peeps in all sorts of interesting predicaments.

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