Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sexually deprived for your freedom
and vulgar for your entertainment

When dh is away, I tend to get very raunchy. I guess it’s my way of dealing with having to go without.

We have further proof that I've been deprived for way too long.

When a friend wrote and mentioned an acquaintance who couldn't swallow pills, I had this to say:

“If she can’t even get pills down her throat, how’d she ever get a guy to marry her?”

I'm glad my religion doesn't believe in a Hell because if it did, I would SO be going there.


Kamrin said...


Anonymous said...

So is reality based on our beliefs? Only religions who believe in hell will actually have folks going there? If your religion doesn't believe in hell, then it in fact doesn't exist? I sure would hate to be wrong!

Irim said...

What a GREAT line! May I borrow it?? My friend Jacquetta (see Jacquetta's Other Space) sent me to your blog, saying she thought I'd really like it - I *LOVE* it!
And anonymous: I think G-d would actually have appreciated that. He couldn't have created such amusing things (think platypus) without having one HECK of a sense of humour. But to be on the safe side, if there is a hell, Reiza Mara, I'll see you in the lake of fire with my asbestos underpants and my rubber ducky (you're the one...sorry, Sesame Street moment)!
And a bit late - L'shana tovah and Simchat Torah sameach. And may dh be back by Halloween.