Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I sent my husband

My husband was active duty military until very recently. The first time the military took him away from me (which was before the September 11th attacks), I made him a little box filled with trinkets to remind him of home. That box now lives in our son's room, but ever since I started doing these TT's, I've wanted to post about that box. Today, I have my chance.

Thirteen Things I sent my husband

1..... A ruby slipper earring to remind him, "There's no place like home."

2..... A shell we collected from the beach when we got married. He was gone for our anniversary, so I sent him that to remind him that I'd be thinking of him on that day even if we couldn't be together.

3.....Oh the foreshadowing! This is actually a pin I had from Operation Desert Storm. I included this to remind him that he was always on my mind. I had no idea that the future held another "War" and more deployments to frightening places.

4.....Corny as hell, I know, but I sent him a key because he had the key to my heart.

5.....I sent him this star to remind him that I made wishes for him on stars all the time.

6.....I did this drawing back in middle school. It was actually done on a book cover. I always liked it, so I saved it all these years. I sent it to him to remind him that I missed him.

7.....This is an angel earing I had. I sent it to him to remind him that I was praying for him.

8.....(not pictured) It's no longer in the box, but at the time, I included a burnt match that I had used to light the shabbas candles in his absence. I explained in the letter sent with the box that it was also a promise of the shabbas candles we would once again light together in the future.

The rest are fortunes we had saved which I included in the box. They're not pictured, but I'll share the text.

9.....You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world.

10.....You have the ability to adapt to diverse situations.

11.....Good luck bestows upon you. You will get what your heart desires.

12.....Follow your heart's desire.

13.....Stop searching forever. Happiness is just next to you.

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Two little words that can change your life.

Did you say, "Thank you," today?

I try to say it, but I realize I don't say it nearly enough. The next time someone thanks you, stop and think about what it really means. Don't think of it as a trite phrase, realize that it means someone has recognized you and they appreciate what you have done. When you realize that, maybe you'll use it more. Make sure you thank those around you. You never know what it might do for them. I can't find it now, but recently, I came across a postcard at Post Secret where someone admitted to wanting to kill him/herself, but nice strangers kept him/her from doing it. Someone else wrote in to say he/she was in the same situation.

To my husband who agreed to run around with us today even though he's sick, Thank you.

to the man who works the window at Starbucks even though he's deaf (he handles the face-to-face stuff at the window). Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my children what people with disabilities CAN do. I hear so often, "He/she can't do that because he/she is disabled." It's wonderful to have a real-life example where I have the opportunity to show the kids that people have far more abilities than disabilities. Oh and thanks for signing with me (without laughing at my feeble attempt) even though I know my ASL skills are lacking.

Thank you to my big kids for all their help. Sometimes, I want to sell you on e-bay, but more often than not, I'm floored at how much you love each other and what you're willing to do to help out with your little brother.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU to my friends who were not only there for me when I needed it, but who even provided tchochkis great conversation and wine.

THANK YOU to 2 of the aforementioned friends who not only stepped up, but jumped at the chance to help when I had to go out of state for a funeral and dh couldn't get off work. We were frantic and had no clue what we were going to do, but two of my friends (including one who really didn't know me that well) watched the girls all day for 2 days. I will be forever in their debt. We have yet to come up with a proper way to thank them. If anyone has ideas, please let me know.

To that cashier at the store who let my daughters use the "Private. Employees Only" bathroom, thank you so very much.

To that teenage girl who raced after me in the mall in order to give me back my son's brand new and oh so adorable sweat shirt that had fallen, thank you. I hope I got across how much I appreciated it, but I'm afraid I didn't.

Thank you to a specific teacher friend who jumped at the chance to help me out with a reading question even though the two siblings I have who are teachers never responded.

Thank you to my niece who is absolutely wonderful and who is NOT insane. That's always a plus in our family even if it is rare.

To those who provide fodder for my funny bone as well as my deeper thoughts through their blogs, thank you. I'm constantly checking my Google Reader to see who has updated today. I admit that there are a specific few who always make my heart skip a beat when I see they've updated. Most of these people, I have never met, yet I eagerly follow along with their lives and their thoughts. Thank you for taking time from your day to blog. Whether your blog entry consists of a humorous account of those around you or an in-depth discussion of all things spiritual, I really do appreciate it. Sometimes, something you write inspires me to think differently or do something I never considered before. The fact that someone across the country or across the world can write something and create a change in me is astounding. Thank you.

To whomever created Frappaccinos, thank you.

To my sister and another friend who went above and beyond and took me to the amazing chocolate shoppe I've been wanting to try and then wouldn't let me pay for my order, thank you.

To my son who potty trained earlier than everyone insisted was possible, THANK YOU. Let me repeat that, THANK YOU.

Thank you so much to a friend's mother who, nearly a decade later, still raves about my wedding even when our own families hated it because it was so "different." And thank you to that friend for relaying that conversation.

Thank you to Kamrin for oh so much. From introducing me to the concept of simplifying, to always being there for others even when struggling through so much yourself, thank you.

I don't always appreciate the way my mother parented and I'm making different decisions for our family, but she was a strong female role model who helped shape my Feminist thinking. Thank you.

Thanks to my dad for being friends with everyone. Sure, sometimes it's embarassing when he insists on trying to speak what little bit of another language he knows (and loudly--oh so very loudly), but I think his openness and lack of fear towards others was a wonderful example for us to see growing up.

Thank you to the local radio station for offering free tickets to a kids' show and thank you to my husband for humoring me and calling on his cell phone even though I was already calling at the same time (I didn't win the tickets. He did).

I could do this forever, but instead, I'll end with a challenge. Make sure you thank at least one person every day--be truly thankful, don't just use the phrase in passing. Make a point of noticing when someone says, "Thank you," to you as well. Don't just brush it off. Realize that they're telling you how much they appreciate you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overheard at the office provides a reason to live,
or at least a reason to procrastinate.

1PM ... Anymore

Office chick #1: Don't squeeze it! All the goo will come out!
Office chick #2, playing with stress ball: Why, what happened?
Office chick #1: I got a little too excited and squeezed it until it popped... That's why I don't hold babies...

Arlington, Virginia

via Overheard in the Office, Feb 22, 2008

5PM Would You Settle for Nutter Butters?
Cube rat exiting front door: I'm going out. Can I bring back anything for anybody?
Voice from back of room: Johnny Depp.
Cube rat, disgustedly: Oh, nice, but I meant bring back anything to eat.
Different voice from back of room: Johnny Depp on a cracker.

4th Street
Louisville, Kentucky
via Overheard in the Office, Feb 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I want to live here.

Check out this site: Make Stuff.

Oh my stars and garters! I could live there. Be warned that some areas are only for paying members, but I'm sticking to the free areas.

They have all sorts of stuff. There are ideas for recycling, kids' crafts, even making pet food.

I could spend hours looking around that site.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Graphic Design is...

I just love this poster. Love it. LOVE it.

When one can combine two of my loves (coffee and graphic design), one is a genius and I am a happy camper. Great work!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Science and the joys of homeschooling

The fine folks at PBN and Zula have asked parents to post about Science. They asked what we as parents are doing to bring Science back for younger elementary school children.

Bring it back? Where did it go?

Last time I checked, it was right there in plants the big kids planted for Tu B'Shevat. It's there in the lapbook we made to celebrate Tu B'Shevat (I love it. I get to combine religious holidays with Science). It's in the news stories about the space shuttle lifting off and then returning. It's in the Astronaut lapbook my kids are dying to do (the printer, however, has other ideas). It's all over the children's museum we visited a few weeks ago with one of our homeschool groups. You can't avoid it at the zoo (where we would live if we could). It's at the local natural history museum (which has a great free kids' program this weekend). It's dripping from the walls at the local science museum. It's as far away as a wayward satellite and as close as our backyard.

What am I doing to bring it back? It never left.

Civilized is better than socialized.

I'm in the market for a new bumper sticker. While scanning Cafe Press, I came across this:


Oh how I love that. Although, I bristle at the s-word. I've found that some people just don't get it.

Oh and I like this bumper sticker as well.

Ah. Ah. They have a Jewish Homeschooler bag. Oh my word! I want one. I'm always the token Jew in any homeschool group. I actually don't mind it, but oh how I love the fact that that's out there. Yay for the Yids. :-)

Inspired by that last find, I Googled "Jewish homeschool" and found this: Jewish Homeschooling: A-Z Home's Cool Homeschooling . Oh and now I found this: Liz's Jewish Unschooling Homepage. G-d bless Google! I live in an area where my fellow Yids are few and far between, so it's WONDERFUL to have the internet as a resource.

Now I'm in a very good mood. I found great bumper stickers and I found other Jewish homeschool resources. Now if I could find a way to make a Peppermint Mocha Frappaccino materialize at my fingertips, I would be absolutely giddy.

Quirky Quote Contest Entry #2

I really could do this forever, but luckily, there's a limit of two entries. And so, here's my final one. Once again, for the Quirky Quote Contest 2008,

"If we look long enough and hard enough...we will begin to see the connections that bind us together, and when we recognize those connections, we will begin to change the world." -Muriel Rykeyser

Quirky Quote Contest Entry #1

Head on over to the Quirky Quote Contest over at An Open book. All my regular readers know I'm a huge fan of quotations, so this is right up my alley.

This is one of my all time favorite "quirky" quotations, and so, I will once again share it with you.

"My mother said I drove her crazy. I did not drive my mother crazy. I flew her there. It was faster." -Robin Tyler

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I must be hormonal

Because I damn near cried while I watched this:

I've been told it's part of the celebration of India's independence. It's great. Watch it. It's fairly brief.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Reading, Writing, and Sh'maing

Today, Girl2 read her first word in Hebrew. This is particularly momentous since I have yet to be able to do that.

What was that word she read? Sh'ma.

And with that, she had me in tears.

You see, when our children were born, the first thing I said to each of them was reciting the first few lines of the Sh'ma.

The day after she was born, I had to whisper the prayer to Girl2 through the circular door in her incubator while she was completely covered with tubes and wires. She was too fragile and too unstable to hold. I was too sick to be allowed to leave my room until my children were more than 24 hours old. Technically, I shouldn't have even been allowed to go when I did, but I had a fabulous nurse who promised me I could see my children even if she had to wheel my whole bed there herself.

When dh was deployed, I would read to the girls at night (typically his job) and when we were done, we could recite the Mizpah and then we would say the Sh'ma together.

My heart skipped a beat when they were in kindergarten. In Sunday school, someone mentioned how their teacher had taught them the Sh'ma. Girl1 piped up and said, "Actually, our mother taught us."

Today, my daughter read her first word in Hebrew. That word is the very same one that I first whispered to her at a time when I didn't know if she could even hear me, if she would ever hear me. I didn't know if she would survive another day. She has survived. She has thrived. She can hear us. She can hear G-d.

Hear, oh Israel, the L-rd is our G-d. The L-rd is one.

Baruch atah, Adonai Elohenu, melech ha-olam, sheheyanu v'kiYemanu v'higiyanu lazman hazeh.
Blessed are you, Adnai our G-d, Ruler of the world, who has given us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this season.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Candy Hearts

Thirteen Candy Hearts for Valentine's Day

Created here.




* indicates that the heart is not my original creation

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My children voted for cupcakey goodness over my will power.

I put it up for a vote. The kids voted to make cupcakes today as long as we didn't eat them all. We made 24. How many survived, I know not.

're wonderful. Red Velvet cake with pink vanilla frosting and sprinkles. The girls were in charge of the sprinkles. They took great pride in their job. They did much of the mixing and some of the icing as well, but the sprinkles were what it's all about. I should point out that we don't do much junk food and we certainly don't do sprinkles. So this was a huge event for the wee ones.

And a yummy event for all involved (and the little napping brother and big working daddy who were not involved, but benefited from the fruits of our labor).

On Jews and Valentine's Day

Rabbi Ginsburg talks about Jews and Valentine's Day.

He also has this great entry on the topic at his blog.

Although, I must say I agree in a large part with the Orthodox rabbis. After years of boycotting it, we're now trying to create our own celebration that focuses on telling our family we love them. No shiny jewelry. No boxes of chocolates. No flowers will be sacrificed in our honor. Instead, we just want to see the day the way we (or at least I) did back in first grade.

It's not questionable Christian saints and diamond rings. It's coloring pages and cupcakes.

And yes, the cupcakes still exist (in their pre-baked form). My willpower has thus far, won out in the battle for the cup cakes. :-)

A letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

This letter says much of what I've been thinking, so I simply must share.

Dear Senator Hillary Clinton, Please Step Down

Go and read.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The cupcakes are calling me.

We don't usually do anything for Valentine's Day. First of all, it's really a Christian thing and we, very much, are not. Secondly, ever since high school, I have felt like it's a scam created by the greeting card industry in an attempt to coerce us into buying shiny, red, and/or sparkly crap we don't really need. Because nothing says, "I love you," like an armful of dead flowers. Besides, we should tell our nearest and dearest we love them all the time, not just on one anointed day simply because Hallmark told us to.

Ever since I had children, though, that has started to change. We're no longer bound to the Hallmarkian idea that the day is about showing off your love in some grand fashion. Instead, it's about hand-colored cards for your friends and cutting out heart decorations for the house.

In addition to all this, for some unknown reason, I've had cupcakes on the brain lately. And so, today, we headed to Target to grab some cake mix, frosting and those little paper cupcake cups so that the kids and I can make cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

Completely OT, but would someone please explain to me why Target brand Jello is kosher, but Wal-Mart's is not even though the majority of Wal-Mart's store brand items are?

So a cake mix, frilly paper cups, and pink vanilla frosting (with sprinkles) are all playing nicely in my kitchen. The problem is, we got them for Valentine's Day. That would be Thursday. Today is only Monday. My stomach, however, pays no heed to calendars. I want those freaking cupcakes.

This is going to prove to be very very difficult.

If you should find me covered in pink frosting and sprinkles, please don't tell my kids. Shhhhh. If you keep my secret, I promise to share the love in cupcake form.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On moms and blogging

I found these blog entry through Ima on (and off) the bima and I thought they were very interesting.

Wonder Woman Is Just A Chick In Tights

She has a fabulous point for everyone, not just women and certainly not just moms.

Although, I disagree with her title. I can throw on a pair of tights, but that will not give me super powers nor will it give me that super cool yet oh so stupid invisible plane.

You Know Your Wife's A Blogger When...

We should all work together to come up with the "You know your mom's a blogger when..." list.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I want these

I'm trying to resist the urge to buy these, but I love this idea.

Designer Diner mats
I especially like this one and this one.

They're mats the roll up where one side is a chalk board and the other is laminated cloth. Those could be very useful in restaurants and for long drives in the car.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: useful super powers

Thirteen very useful superpowers

1…. The ability to stop time.

When I had a matching set of colicky babies and a husband who worked nights, I often had the urge to touch the tips of my pointer fingers together in an attempt to stop time so that I could get some FREAKING SLEEP. Yes, I admit to trying it once or twice. It never worked, but oh how I wish that it did! extra set of arms

I believe that with each child under 6, you should get an extra set of arms. As a child, I had an irrational fear of having my hands amputated (don't ask. I have no idea), so when I was very young, I taught myself to pick things up with my toes. After having twins, that little trick turned out to be very useful. Of course, not everyone was as bizarre of a child as I was, so the extra set of arms would probably be more useful.


Have you ever tried to fly 2000 miles with small children? Yeah, not fun. Have you ever had to endure a 2-week long visit from your in-laws who feel the need to respond to all of your parenting practices with the mantra, "We didn't do that and our kids turned out just fine?"

Just think, if we were our own Scotties who could beam us up, we could travel to distant places without the fear of high prices for plane tickets; tiny bathrooms with no space in which to change diapered bums; 20 minutes in which to race to your connecting flight which takes off from the gate that is the farthest possible distance from where you are; and without the need to pack 12 bags of snacks and 3 bags of toys to keep the children quiet enough so as not to piss off your fellow passengers. Also, we would not need to endure long visits from others because they could pick up their freaking toys and go the hell home on a moment's notice.

Yes, I see the potential for this to be abused and I do have very Harry Potterish visions of my in-laws using the floo powder and showing up in my fireplace unannounced, but shhhhhh, it's my fantasy.

4.... Silent stare (aka STFU stare)

I want the ability to quiet anyone down simply by glaring at them. One ticked off glance would leave my or the idiot at Wal-Mart in utter silence.

5....Force fields

I want the ability to create a force field around the baby's room which no noise, no child, no light, no animals could penetrate without my permission. One of those would also be useful around our room during, "GO THE HELL AWAY," time.

6....Instant replay

I want a random screen on which I can instantly replay actions/words. That way, when kids insist, "But SHHHEEEEE did it, not me," there would be no discussion. We would go to the tape and that would settle that. When the husband insists, "But you never told me that, " I could whip out the board, scroll through a transcript of our conversation and highlight the exact moment at which I did, in fact, tell him that.

7....the Force

How useful would that be? You sit there nursing the baby and have that book/phone/steak dinner fly to you. Don't have enough hands to carry all those bowls? No problem, just use the Force to get them on the table. While at the office, your child's preschool calls because you forgot your child's lunch. No problem. From the comfort of your own desk, you can use the force to snatch that Spiderman lunch box right off the counter and have it waft into his cubby. Are those annoying kids at your front door again trying to get you to buy magazines? Use the force to throw stuff at them without even having to open the front door. You stay comfortable. They go the fuck away. It's a win-win situation for all.

That Darth Vader choking people from a distance thing could prove useful for the same situation.

8....Mind reading

I cannot tell you how many times dh and I have asked, "WTF were they thinking?" If I could read their minds, I wouldn't have to wonder, I would know.

9....A search feature for my brain

When I can't remember where I left the kids' school work/my keys/our library books/my youngest child, it would be great to have a little drop-down search feature which would retrieve that information without me having to backtrack through my entire freaking day in an attempt to find where we left our things/family members.

10....Invisibility cloak

I realize that's more of an enchanted item of clothing rather than a super power and I can see the potential for problems (see #9), but damn it, sometimes, I just want to be invisible.

11....Romantic gravitational pull

I want some sort of power that elicits love and sweetness from those around me. From my kids, it could be hugs, kisses and cute works of art just for me. From my husband, it could be back rubs and candle-light baths. From my friends, it would be words of encouragement, boxes of chocolate, and offers to watch my children.


When I say/do something stupid, I want the ability to go back and try again.

13....The ability to make yummy (calorie and fat-free) Chinese food instantly appear

The kids are currently doing worksheets about the Chinese New Year, so I have that on my mind, but I love Chinese food regardless.

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Partisan Politics

Over at Out in Left Field, there's a new post to which I want to draw your attention: You Want To Be A Republican.

This particular one rings so very true in our house:
f. The best way to improve military morale is to praise our troops on television while slashing veterans' benefits and combat pay.

I would also like to direct your attention to this fabulous post about what the politicians plan on doing for families.

Skip This One if You've Got an Elephant Bumper Sticker on the SUV

Mom-101 did a fabulous job with that one.

And in her latest post, I found this which I think is pretty cool (the idea, execution, and final results).

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My very unscientific poll

In an attempt to explain the primaries to first-graders, we had our own primaries. We split the 4 of us into Democrats (Girl2 and TheBoy) and Republicans (Girl1 and me). Then we all voted (it had to be an open primary or else we would have been screwed).

Here's the cast of characters:

Girl2: Hilary Clinton
TheBoy: Barack Obama

Me: John McCain
Girl1: Ron Paul

Yes, I realize our Republican candidates sort of alter the results, but blame it on my kids. Girl 1 was adamant that she did not want to be John McCain. When asked who she should portray, Girl1 insisted, "Ron Paul." That's what you get when some of your closest friends are Ron Paul supporters.

Our results were as follows:
Hillary Clinton (D)
John McCain (R)

From there, we went on to a presidential election. Clinton beat McCain by a vote of 2:1 (literally), although there was one write-in vote for a 3rd party candidate (when asked for whom he wanted to vote, TheBoy raised his hand and yelled his own name).

Of course, all 3 of them later went off and had another secret election wherein they voted for a candidate who is apparently able to bridge the gap between the two parties. He won with a unanimous vote from all voters regardless of political affiliation.

And so, I would like to introduce the new President of the United States of America, our cat.

Original photo by Paul Morse found at the Republican National Convention Blog

Please note, that at the insistance of my children, I added a horribly drawn green kipah to the bald man bottom right. Every time I try to alter an image, they're forever asking me to add a kipah. And so, I did.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Why oh why do I share these things with you?

Over at the Rocking Pony, she's having a neat giveaway from her super-cute Etsy store.

The twist is that in order to enter, you have to share your most embarassing moment.

Here is mine.

Warning: This contains a potty-training story. I know there are some folks who run screaming from the room when the topic comes up, so I'm pausing here to give you fair warning.

When the big kids were just shy of 2, they were potty trained, dh was deployed and I was working towards a position I wanted dearly. All these bits of information play a role in this little tale.

As part of obtaining that position, I met with a friend who was in charge of the process. We both had kids (hers were a bit older than mine), so we met in the children's section of a library where we could pull up a seat, discuss work and our kids could play.

At that point, I was trying to teach myself not to watch the kids like a hawk. They were secure independent little things and I wanted to help foster that independence. Problem is, I also wanted to follow them around making sure they didn't destroy anything. I was in the process of finding a healthy balance. Girl2, however, was in the process of exploiting those moments when my eyes weren't on her.

At one point, I turned around to find that my youngest daughter had apparently pulled her underwear aside (she was wearing a dress), squated and pooped...on the floor...the CARPETED the middle of the library. She couldn't leave it at that. Oh no! She had to WALK THROUGH IT over and over again tracking poop EVERYWHERE and grinding it into the carpet. Did I mention she was wearing sandals? So it was also all over her little feet.

I was MORTIFIED. After lots of expletives, I scooped her up and ran to the bathroom. There was no way to clean her sandals. No amount of scrubbing helped. I managed to sit her in the sink and wash her off as best as I could, but wouldn't you know it, the bathroom there had ditched paper towels in favor of one of those blowers. I needed the towels to scrub and to dry her little bum. I'm not putting my baby's bum up to a hot dryer even if she did just track poop all over the library's carpeted floor.

G-d bless that friend I was meeting with. She checked on us and then brought us some paper towels. She watched Girl1 along with her kids so that I could focus on (aka scrub) Girl2. And I will never ever be able to thank her enough for making the library staff aware of the problem. The thought of having to go up to them and announce, "My child pooped on your floor. Yeah and then stomped through it. It's everywhere," made me want to cry. The fact that she did it for me leaves me forever in her debt.

Of course this library didn't own a carpet cleaner. I had planned on cleaning up the mess, assuming they had some device with which to shampoo it. Nope. What they had was some sort of powder and more paper towels. I offered to clean it, but they refused.

At that point, I was ready to cry. My husband had been away for months, this position I wanted was on the line and my daughter went and pooped on the floor. And then walked through it and went for a walk in the wild wild world thereby tracking it EVERYWHERE.

Mortified really isn't a strong enough word. I have never been back to that children's area since and I don't know if I ever could. Well, maybe when she's a teenager, if she drives me nuts, I'll pack her and some of her friends up and head out there where I can tell them this story. :-)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stomping through my archives in an attempt to provide you with more information than you ever thought necessary.

I've seen this meme on other blogs, but Robin left it open so that one need not wait to be tagged. Since I still have nothing new of substance to share with you, I figured I'd go back and give this a shot.

Here's the deal, you stumble through your archives and find posts that fit these 5 qualifications:

Link 1 must be about family.
Link 2 must be about friends.
Link 3 must be about yourself, who you are… what you’re all about.
Link 4 must be about something you love.
Link 5 can be anything you choose.

Here are mine:

Link 1: Milk, it does a soul good (family)

Link 2: (friends)
My deep thought for the day And let me add, I no longer see that particular friend, but I think of her often. She was the FABULOUS one who planned this surprise party for me just after dh deployed. If you're still out there and still reading, I miss you, we all do.

Link 3: I'm going to cheat and post two

Shove it up your... (me) Yes, my children are the topic of it, but I don't think you can read that and NOT learn something about me.

b)The Truth is Out There (Those are the answers to a true/false game I played)

Link 4: (something I love) I'm cheating yet again and posting 2.
a)Another benefit of breastfeeding: Breastmilk contains sanity

b) Feel the love

Link 5: Restoring my faith in humanity (anything)

I'm adding a random bonus post just because I can. While looking through the archives, I found this which I had completely forgotten about: I fought the curb and the curb won. That's why I was on crutches in 4b. I think that one tells you a bit more about me.

There ya go. Hopefully, that helped you all learn something new about me. It was fun (and sometimes painful) to look through my archives.

I'm tagging Giselle (who needs to get her butt back and blog), Kamrin and Suzie

I haven't posted anything of substance in a while and that trend will continue

I have nothing to say, but I know I need to update, so here's a random comment that Girl1 made the other day.

Do you know what lives in there? Monkeys and zebras and Punky Brewster.

I'm abusing my public diary in an attempt to win free stuff--AGAIN

Melinda Zook

Yeah, yeah, "sold out," "the man" "blah blah blah." I get it.