Friday, February 22, 2008

Science and the joys of homeschooling

The fine folks at PBN and Zula have asked parents to post about Science. They asked what we as parents are doing to bring Science back for younger elementary school children.

Bring it back? Where did it go?

Last time I checked, it was right there in plants the big kids planted for Tu B'Shevat. It's there in the lapbook we made to celebrate Tu B'Shevat (I love it. I get to combine religious holidays with Science). It's in the news stories about the space shuttle lifting off and then returning. It's in the Astronaut lapbook my kids are dying to do (the printer, however, has other ideas). It's all over the children's museum we visited a few weeks ago with one of our homeschool groups. You can't avoid it at the zoo (where we would live if we could). It's at the local natural history museum (which has a great free kids' program this weekend). It's dripping from the walls at the local science museum. It's as far away as a wayward satellite and as close as our backyard.

What am I doing to bring it back? It never left.

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Jerseygirl89 said...

My science prof in grad school said that everything is science for little kids - painting and mixing colors, noticing the seasons, etc. But in public schools, thanks to No Child Left Behind, there is so much time spent on testing and prepping for tests that they don't grow plants or paint anymore.
*steps carefully off of soapbox*
What you're doing with your kids is great. :)