Friday, November 03, 2006

To do list

I'm quite proud of what I've checked off the to do list thus far.

  • Clean out the storage boxes at the foot of our bed. CHECK.
  • Put boxes back in some semblance of order. CHECK
  • Vacuum bedroom rug. CHECK
  • Clear out the van. CHECK (although I need to remember to take the stroller out of the trunk so there's room for dh's luggage)
  • Empty random bags lying around. CHECK
  • Take out the garbage (on Tuesday night. Seems like the small things are the only things I fight. Sorry, I had a Liz Phair moment). CHECK
  • Regrout the bath tub. CHECK And no, I'm not kidding. I started regrouting it when I was pregnant. My water broke while I was in the process
  • Gather the Halloween decorations CHECK, but I still need to get them in the attic.
  • Buy new underwear. CHECK. Of course Fredericks of Hollywood doesn't have a link to the corset set I got or I'd share it with ya. I try on damn near everything in the store and of course the one thing I settle on is something they don't have on the website. Figures.
  • Straighten up the kitchen. CHECK
  • Get manicures for self and bigger kids. CHECK

So hey, not too shabby of a day. I still have more work to do, but it shouldn't be too bad, plus I have friends coming to help.

The oddest thing happened yesterday. I opened up all the Winter clothes boxes and took out the clothes--mine and dh's. It was so strange, but very exciting to put his clothes back. I also moved towels around and hung up one for him. I busted out his pillow and put a case on it. I didn't realize how the evidence of his existance faded in his absence. We think about him all the time and there are pictures everywhere, so it didn't hit me until I was in the process of putting his things back.

Tomorrow is the big anniversary party at the gym and I'm really looking forward to that. There will be free food and prizes. My sister's coming with me. It should help break up the day and keep me from going completely insane (some would argue that I went there years ago and have been selling commemorative t-shirts by the side of the road ever since, but I digress). I'm gonna wear some tiny jeans. Everyone there always sees me in my dumpy workout clothes. They've never seen me madeup, so I'm going to show off a bit. :-) I've made some great friends at the gym, so I'm really looking forward to this party.

And now, I bid thee fare well. I should have been in bed a while ago, but I needed a brief distraction. My posting will be a bit sporatic for a while. I'm sure you'll all understand, though.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm amazed at how much you can get done with three little ones!

I'm so happy for you that this deployment is over. I agree about the's so exciting to see it all back, even the dirty socks on the floor! The thing that would depress me the most after Matt would leave would be doing his laundry/putting his things away weeks after he left. After his stuff was through the cycle, things got a little better.

I hope you get your first BPDF (Big Post-Deployment Fight) out of the way soon. LOL!