Sunday, November 12, 2006

The joys of homeschooling

While at dinner the other night, we had a mini-math lesson. The girls traded things back and forth and we asked them to total them up. I commented to dh, "Don't you just love homeschooling? We went out for Chinese and got a math class for free." :-)

When we went out yet again tonight (completely my fault. I got stir crazy and had to get out of the house before I put all the kids up on ebay), we skipped the math lesson, but maybe we shouldn't have.

You see, we got these LOVELY fried jalapenos stuffed with cheese as an appetizer (horrible for the waistline, but magnificent for the taste buds). There were six total. They served them on skewers, 2 to a skewer. Dh and I split them. The bigger kids actually adore spicy foods, but my husband and I are greedy.

There were so many math lessons to be had. What a wasted opportunity!

  • There are 3 skewers. Each has 2. How many is that total?
  • How would you divide them so your parents each have the same amount?
  • How many different ways could you split them up between your parents (you'll get a higher grade on this quiz if you short-change your dad)?
  • Let's count how many times your baby brother reaches for the fattening fried cheesy jalapeno goodness before your parents wise up and move him the heck over.
  • If your mother grabs all the jalapenos, how fast would she have to be traveling to get away quickly enough to eat them before your father catches up?

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