Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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aka this site could save your life.

Check this out: parent hacks.

Lots of tips for parents. I particularly like this one. We tried something similar with the bigger kids and it really made a difference.

I also like the tip about using a kitchen cart as a changing table. We went NUTS looking for a dresser the right height so that we could just attach the handy changing pad we bought. Never did find said dresser, so we actually did spend big bucks for a dresser/changing table combo at the You-Must-Buy-All-This-Crap-That-
At the time, we had not one, but TWO kitchen carts including one that was SUPER sturdy. Well, it's too late for us, but maybe someone will find that useful.

The third time around, we just change the baby on the floor. Dirtbag mom or realistic mom? You be the judge.

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