Thursday, November 30, 2006

My brother is a dork,

but that's okay. So am I.

For the first time ever, I will post a picture of one of my children here. This occurance is a direct result of my brother's dorkiness (and his costume collection which stems from the aforementioned dorkiness).

This is Darth Girl2. She is wearing my brother's mask and cape while playing with one (yes, he has more than one) of his lightsabers. Have I mentioned that my brother is pushing 40? These are not his kids' toys. His son is a baby. These are MY BROTHER'S toys.

Not that I'm faulting him for it. I think it's pretty freaking cool. You see, my brother is not alone in his dorkiness. :-) I'm sitting right beside him on that bench. My kids think my brother is absolutely fantastic. They already thought their uncle was pretty cool, but after busting out all this stuff, they damn near worshipped him. Rightfully so, too. My brother kicks ass!

Here is my brother playing with (and I swear he's not really attacking her no matter how it may appear) one of the girls. Note that he willngly made do with a broom stick. He let the kids have all the lightsabers.

Have I mentioned my brother's a dork? Have I mentioned I adore him for it? Yeah, I thought so, but I just had to do it one more time.

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Katie said...

Derek LOVES the pic of Darth daughter!!!!! So glad you guys had a good time.