Friday, November 17, 2006

The glutton for punishment strikes again
and this tme she's headed for Wal-mart
with small children in tow.

We are headed food shopping this morning.

For my long-time readers, you'll know what a fiasco that can be.

It's FAR easier now that the husband is home (let me pause now to bow down in thanks for that), but it's still a hassle with three little ones.

And so, as I embark on this great journey, please keep me in your thoughts. L-rd knows we can use thoughts and prayers while we're at Wal-Mart.

If I should return home alive (and in one piece), upon walking through the front door, I will make the profound statement, "One small step for (a) man. One giant leap for a frazzled mother of twins and a baby (oh yeah and her husband too)."

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