Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gather round in a circle everyone.

Let's all come sit together on the rug for sharing time.

This is interactive blogging at its finest.

I'll throw out a topic and you all leave your answers in the comment section. Feel free to take this as a blog topic idea for your blog as well. Let me know you're doing it and I promise I'll pop over to take a look.

Here's today's sharing time topic:

What's the cruelest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Did mom say something that left you bawling? Did a stranger (at Walmart--the idiots are always at Walmart) say something that made you want to punch them in the face? Has your kid said something that made you wish you could sell them on ebay?

Do tell. Enquiring minds want to know.


Giselle said...

The cruelest thing anyone's ever said to me was the OB we were referred to when we were TTC the first time. We'd just gotten our labs back and DH had a low count. The midwife transferred our care, saying she couldn't refer for all the things we'd need. We'd never met this doctor before. We'd just been married four months. So, Dr. Asswipe walks in, doesn't introduce himself or anything, and the first words out of his mouth are "Okay, I think I'll send you two over to the lab for some VD testing." At least I think that might have been the cruelest thing anyone's ever said. There have been some doozies.

Anonymous said...

We are going back to high school for the cruelest thing anyone ever said to me. Back in the tenth grade I was suicidal and a friend of mine intervened and I didn't go through with it.
Several months later, she had a jerk boyfriend who treated her like crap. He was sleeping with two other girls from a different school one of which I knew personally. So I told her. Then he convinced her that I wanted her boyfriend and he rejected me.
After that the next day at school she said, "I wish I would have not intervened that night with you."

Anonymous said...

When I was 21, I finally told my father that his brother had sexually abused me from the time I was 5 until I was about 9.
My father's response was to look at me rather unemotionally and say:
"It's not important. It doesn't matter."

Anonymous said...

Some at school looked at me and said, "Hey, what happened to you? You got fat." I was floored by the insensitive comment.