Saturday, December 09, 2006

By the power of Gray Skull...

I swear I had no idea this existed:

The Bitter Rose

Although, I am admittedly thrilled by these findings. I did so adore He-Man (and of course his sister She-rah).

I also found there is another Bitter Rose out there who apparently has a thing for reptiles (sooooo not me). There's some Christian-themed book that shares my name as well as a play. And did you know the name Rosemarie also means "Bitter rose?"

Hey, you learn something new every day.

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Suzie said...

Your blog continues to amaze me. How you find so much material when I struggle to write mine and I still want to "hide" so much is very courageous of you. Ps-I did 7.5 miles and have worked out semi-consistently for the past 20 I treated myself to a Billy Joel CD I wanted. My next treat is Bones-Season One but that means 40 days of consistent workouts as the DVD is $40 some dollars. But whatever works!