Sunday, December 17, 2006

We will once again be returning to GratitudeVilleLand.

Here is the link to the site where you can get your letter for the day. As per Giselle's instructions, set all the numbers to 1. Then it will give you one letter.

I'm tired of traipsing over to Giselle's site every time I need a letter, so I'm posting that here.

My letter of the day is O.

Oh boy! (no pun intended)

1. Orgasms. No further explanation necessary.

2. Ocean. I'm a water sign. I love the ocean.

3. Oseh Shalom. It's one of my favorite songs and I just love the meaning behind it.

4. Oxygen. Because breathing is a good thing.

5. Oriental Trading Company. Hey, they have some cool stuff. The kids got some blocks from there for Chanukah. Plus Oriental Trading has some super cute craft supplies.

6. Outdoors. I would go insane if cooped up in here every day. Plus, if we just spend a little time in the great outdoors every day, it's amazing how we can reduce our reliance on unnatural substitutes (Among other things, I'm thinking Vitamin D here. For your average fair-skinned person, just 15 minutes exposure to the sun every week is enough for adequate Vitamin D production with no added supplementation needed).

7. Other people. Thank G-d I'm not alone in this world.

8. Ostriches. They're nasty suckers, but those birds are proof that G-d has a sense of humor. :-)

9. Olives. Whether they be black or green, I do so adore their yummy goodness.

10. Old age. I'm very thankful that those family members who are with us today still are. I'm also thankful for the promise of old age. I'm looking forward to growing old alongside dh.

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