Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big J little J what begins with J?

Jerry Jordan's Jelly Jar. J J J

Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for creating that blasted ABC book which was read ad nauseum in the bathroom when the girls were potty training. So I can now recite the entire book from memory.

For today's installment of the gratitude alphabet, I got J.


#1. Jade. I once had a coach from Scotland named Jade. I adored her. She was funny, smart, and very sweet. Plus she had an awesome accent. I haven't seen her in ages, but I'm grateful that she was part of my life.

#2. Jewelry. Sure, I like a wide array of "shinies," but there are specific pieces that are very important to me. I wear a mezuzah necklace that was once dh's. I have worn it for every major life event in the past 6 years. Since dh and I are both the youngest in our family, we plan to pass it down to the youngest of our children. I also have a few very special rings that dh gave me which are very important. Plus I have jewelry from both my grandmothers and from dh's great aunt who passed away recently (a few pieces are rose shaped which I thought was very cool). I'm so thrilled to not only have these pretty pieces to wear, but also to know that I can pass them on to my children some day.

3. Judaism. It's who I am. It's what I believe. It contains rituals and prayers that link my children to their ancestors. It reminds me to behave ethically. I love it. I respect it. I will forever be thankful for it.

4. Journal. I can write. I can put my thoughts down on paper for my private use or here in a public forum to share with you all. It's cathartic. It's capturing a moment. It's a tool for understanding. If I couldn't write my thoughts down, I'd go insane.

5. Justice. Even though it may not always seem like it, there is justice in the world. Sometimes it's blatantly obvious. Sometimes you have to search for it, but it exists. I can be an agent of Justice. When we work together, we can help find it. If you find that something isn't fair, you have the power to work towards fairness. That is a wonderful thing and a great power.

6. Jacket. I have this awesome blue furry coat that was my mother's back in the 60s. I ADORE it and I get all kinds of great comments about it.

7. Jokes. I love to laugh. Anything that helps me do so is fabulous in my book.

8. J'taime. "I love you" in French. I try to make a point of always making that the last thing I say to all the kids before bed and I just LOVE hearing it from them.

9. J.K. Rowling. Without her, there would be no stories about my beloved Harry Potter and my life would be far too dull. Plus you've gotta be thankful for anything that entices kids to read, especially when it's well-written.

10. Jouer. Okay, I'm cheating yet again. Although, I don't believe the rules said my answers had to be in English. French for "To play." I'm grateful that I have moments to play. I'm thankful when I watch my children play. I'm glad there's still lightness and imagination in the world.

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