Thursday, December 21, 2006

Anyone up for dream analysis?

I had a very strange dream. Anyone care to analyze it?

I dreamt that I was eating shrimp. These were 4 jumbo shrimp. No breading or anything like that. Just 4 large shrimp. I specifically remember there were 4 because at one point, I only saw 3 and got annoyed because I was supposed to have 4. After pushing them around the plate, I found the 4th hidden under another. They were on a plain white plate and I ate them with a metal fork and knife.

I woke up feeling horribly guilty until I realized I had only broken the kosher rules in my dreams. Then I just felt baffled. What on earth does it mean?

I checked out all the symbols in the dream dictionary (see my links on the left), but I'm still very confused. Anyone else care to try interpreting it?

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Giselle said...

Well, I checked out the same symbols you did. I thought it was really weird. I don't how the kosher laws come into play. I also don't know what the numerical significance would be. I know that what first struck me was when you said that there were only three and you were annoyed because you were supposed to have four. That sounds similar to your issue with wanting another child. However, eating them right afterwards tends to imply another meaning! I know that I was struck by the dictionary saying that seeing shrimp means that you're feeling insignificant.