Friday, December 29, 2006

the Nutless Wonder

We are the proud new owners of a dog.

Our dog, however, is no longer the proud owner of testicles.

We dropped him off at the vet yesterday and picked him up today. He is now nutless and I have taken to referring to him as the "nutless wonder."

He's a pretty sweet dog. He's the perfect dog for kids. He's playful, but not too spazzy. He'll curl up and sleep in our laps. I'm still a bit undecided about him, but I'm warming up.

You see, with every animal that's come into my life, I get apprehensive for a while. I tend to go through that, "Maybe this was a bad idea," stage. Granted, I would never agree to give the animal up, it's just that it takes a bit of adjusting.

As a kid, I never went through that. Once I hit 14, though, every animal I adopted after that point left me feeling detached for the first few days. The only animal I adopted where I didn't have this feeling was Funnel Face. I actually did have a minute where I wondered if we made the right decision right after we adopted her, but then the tiny little grey ball of fluff (see the picture to your right of an 8-week-old FF on dh's lap) curled up next to me on my pillow and kissed my nose. That was the end of that.

So now we have the Nutless Wonder and I'm warming up to him. The kids adore him as does dh. The cats, however, not so much.

I know we're insane for getting a dog when we have an out of state move looming on the horizon, but...well...I've never been a fan of sanity. :-) At any rate, we have a dog and that dog is now nutless.

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Anonymous said...

You'll love him and hate him! Trust me. Harp drives me nuts (all the things he picks up, eats, the doggy door he made in my screen door, etc.). But I enjoy having someone else around and the company. And the quiet moments!