Friday, April 27, 2007

Yanking the chain yet again

Dear world,

Contrary to apparent popular belief, not everything that finds its way to your inbox is true.

Please, make the chain mail stop (not the chainmail, though. You can keep that coming. That stuff's pretty cool & dh makes it.).

I've ranted about this in the past, so I'll spare myself the anger and frustration and just post a link: Yanking the Chain

We seem to be visiting WTF-ville again. I expect the morons to forward the stupid things, but when my brilliant-doctor-who-finished-school-years-before-anyone-else (because she is THAT dedicated and THAT brilliant) friend sends me the SAME FREAKING E-MAIL that I've been getting for years, I find myself baffled and ticked off.

I have had to post this freaking link everywhere today, so in an attempt to raise awareness, let me tell you (before you send out that stupid e-mail) that boycotting gas stations on May 15 will not help. That same freaking e-mail has been circulating for years.

Here's your lesson for the day: Snopes, it's your friend. When it comes to forwards, Snopes should be your best friend.

1 comment:

Kamrin said...

Lawd! Someone just sent me the "no gas" e-mail! Geeze! Thank goodness I could access this post and send him the freakin link. Stoopid folks!