Wednesday, April 11, 2007

on artificial sweetners

Anonymous left a really interesting link that had information about the physical side effects of Splenda. The information is frightening, but I don't think my recent health issues are related to that.

I don't do artificial sweeteners. I'll occasionally do them when I'm not pregnant or nursing, but I've been one or the other for more than 2 years. So I don't do artificial sweetners for the most part.

I occasionally ate foods that include Splenda a few months ago, but I don't like the taste, so I haven't had any Splenda at all in a while. I can't stand Aspartame and that's something I particularly avoid while nursing or pregnant. Honestly, that stuff scares me (and it tastes AWFUL).

The info on side effects caused by Splenda and Aspartame is very interesting. I've been told Splenda is most likely about to loose that lawsuit over it's slogan since it's actually NOT made from sugar. I'd rather deal with the calories from sugar than the chemicals in the artificial sweetners.

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