Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The day I burned down the microwave

Here's a simple equation: metal + microwave = BAD

For lunch, I put a frozen meal in the microwave. They usually leak, so, like I always do, I put a paper towel under it. Then I set the time and walked away.

Girl1 ventured out into the kitchen and announced something was burning. I assured her that wasn't possible (I just put the meal in a minute before), but I wondered. As soon as I stepped out into the sitting room, I knew she was right. I could smell it. Still, how on earth could it be burning?

Simple. We had a stowaway. What I didn't realize when I grabbed the paper towel was that a twist-tie was stuck to the bottom. By the time I got to the microwave, there was a twist-tie shaped burn all the way through 4 layers of towel. It also appears that our glass microwave plate may be burned.

It looks like everything should still work fine, though. There were no alarms set off, no dancing flames, no injuries.

As luck would have it, I just reminded dh (I say "reminded" because it sounds much less bitchy than "scolded,") a few days ago that metal and microwaves are not friends. Yeah. It figures!

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