Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy happy Joy Joy

I've had some depressing posts lately. So I'm gonna take a break and sidetrack to the land of the happy happy joy joy.

Here are happy product recommendations from me (not to be confused with a "happy little tree"):

If I could keep this near me at all times, I would. This smells WONDERFUL. I don't usually buy from Bath and Body works, but I stopped in the other day and they had smaller bottles of the new 3-in-1's on sale, so I tried a few. Some of them smell overly sweet, but the cinnamon bun one is fabulous. In addition to smelling amazing, I'm really happy with how it works as a shampoo. As a bubble bath, it's not great, but it's great as a shampoo and body wash and again, the smell is AMAZING. For some reason, though, the lotion doesn't smell nearly as good as the 3-in-1. Oh, FTR, I didn't buy the Frosting one (only because they didn't have it at the time), but I got a whiff of it at the store and LOVE it too. Again, the lotion just isn't the same, but the body wash/shampoo smells great.

While we're on the topic of hair care, I must post about Suave Professionals. I hate Suave products overall. They're cheap and in my experience, you get exactly what you pay for. A few friends gave the Professionals glowing reviews, though, so I had to try them. Apparently, they really are very similar to much pricier hair care products. I have this conditioner and I adore it. My hair looks great when I use it. I thought it might just be a fluke or the effects would lessen after a few uses, but I've used it every day and it still works wonderfully. I'm dying to try some of the other products they have available.

Now let's make a sharp left turn from the hair care aisle and head towards coffee. I'm a coffee fiend. I'm also a coffee snob. I like rich flavored coffees. So I was shocked to find I really like Folgers new flavored coffees. They really have lots of flavor. We've tried the chocolate silk (my favorite), hazelnut and cinnamon. I wasn't the biggest fan of the cinnamon, but it did pack a lot of flavor (it's dh's favorite). I LOVE this stuff.

I have lots of other favorite things, but for now, I'll end the list hear. We are now leaving Happy happy joy joy-ville. Please remain seated during the ride and keep your hands and legs inside at all times. =-)

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Kamrin said...

Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!! I love the ride of joy!
May the weather hold out, and the lines be short in Joyville today (and all future days!)