Monday, April 30, 2007

Sometimes the sad reality of life smacks me in the face.

The neurologist appointment was a complete waste. I had to get a friend to watch the kids while I hauled across town only to have the doctor talk to me for maybe 5 minutes and then schedule an MRI and EEG in 2 weeks. We knew I'd need those. So why did I even bother today? And now how the hell am I gonna get someone to watch the kids so I can schlep out that way again? Why do I even bother?

I'm not posting to rant about that, though. I'm posting to rant about the medical forms I had to fill in. One portion asked for family members to whom you are blood-related who have/had certain ailments. Cancer was one of them. They gave a tiny line. If you wrote in small print, you could fit maybe two. I had to write above and below the line and even then, I forgot one.

I've been a bitch even since I got home. I thought it was because I had to deal with the kids and the mess and the waste of an appointment. Now I'm beginning to realize that my malaise began when I filled out that form and saw the grim reality of life (and the premature ending of it) staring back at me.