Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm going to be bald by the end of this week.

I swear, the universe is trying to make me pull my hair out.

Results from the sleep study are insane. I'm having some other scary medical issues. Dh leaves for training tomorrow. Kids are on crack. It's STILL Passover, so I'm still without bread. I'm on prescription sleep aids which don't help the night wakings, but they do make me absolutely exhausted during the day.

Then today, there was the Sunday school teacher. @@ They had a seder in class. Apparently, as part of the seder, there was chocolate. My kids don't eat chocolate (well, we do allow them a wee bit of dark chocolate once in a blue moon and milk chocolate gelt for Chanukah and Purim, but that's it). Why no chocolate? Because there's no reason to eat it. It's high in unnecessary fat, calories and sugar. The more accurate question would be, "Why would you let them have it?" Now I'm not judging anyone whose kids eat chocolate. I'm just saying that we don't do it. I don't think you're an awful parent if your kids eat it. I just think it's not right for our family.

My kids have been wonderful about telling other people that they can't have chocolate. They told their old Sunday school teacher last year and on several occasions this year, they have come home and told us how they relayed to their teacher that they couldn't have chocolate. Last week, when they searched the classroom for chametz and the chametz was chocolate, they handed it to us. I'm very very proud of them for that.

Today, their Sunday school teacher pulled us aside and asked, "What's the story with your girls and chocolate?" I explained that we don't want them to have it. She then said it makes things difficult when someone tries to give out chocolate. I shrugged my shoulders at her and gave her an "Oh well," sort of smile.

First and foremost, my girls have told her this all year. Why is it only a problem now? She acted as though this was news to her even though our girls have told us several times that they relayed that message to her and refused the chocolate.

I'd be more than happy to bring something they can have that she could keep on hand to give our kids when other kids get chocolate, but no, she didn't ask for that. She asked us to change our dietary restrictions to suit her needs. Let's remember, this is at a CONSERVATIVE synagogue. For those who don't know, C Jews typically keep kosher. That shul has strict guidelines about what foods can and cannot be brought on campus. So if anyone understood dietary restrictions, it should be this woman. Grrrrr.

Next week, I'll make a point of bringing a few packs of something healthy for her to keep on hand for my kids, but I'm sure she'll act annoyed about it and I'll growl silently to myself.

Now you'll excuse me while I have some more caffeine and continue tearing my hair from my scalp.


Krissy said...

Just for the record, at our nursery in church, all parents fill out a small information sheet which lists what foods kids are restricted from for any reason. Why should she question you? No is no.

You really deserve to have something be simple, even if it's just Sunday School.

Kamrin said...

What is it with folks thinking it is normal for kids to eat candy and sugar drinks?!? E-Gads woman! I get sick of explaing to folks that we don't eat pork and they say something like "O-well this is made with bacon so it is OK." Sigh.