Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bag O'Plagues

We went to a seder last night at the (Conservative) shul. They handed out bags full of toys to commemorate the 10 plagues. They did the same thing last year, but it always makes me giggle (and keeps my kids entertained for days). Yes, I realize how strange it is to say that about a bag o'plagues.

I'm impressed that they found toys to represent all the plagues. Just for fun, I'm gonna list the plagues and the corresponding toys.

1. Water turned to blood: a small clear bottle of bubbles with red food dye added (perhaps the dumbest of the ideas. I threw them out right away. I didn't do that last year and learned my lesson).

2. Frogs: Rubber squeaky frogs in the big kid bags and a small stuffed frog in the baby's bag.

3. Lice: bug stickers

4. Wild Beasts: Masks for the big kids and a small plastic rhino for the baby (which The Boy insisted on stomping across his high chair tray while he roared. Very cute, but not the most appropriate sound effect for a seder).

5. Cattle disease: For the big kids: those plastic collapsible animals with strings inside that you can make fall by pushing the button underneath (I think this idea is absolutely perfect). For the baby: a stuffed pig (which I insist is quite possibly the most inappropriate item ever at a seder. I think the only way to make it more inappropriate is to have a WWJD necklace wrapped around his neck)

6. Boils: band aids

7: Hail: ping pong balls (or as Girl2 insists on calling them: King Kong balls. Feel free to laugh at her expense)

8. Locusts: Big kids: small plastic tiddly winks bugs. Not sure what was in the baby's bag as the bigger kids invaded it before I even got a look.

9. Darkness: Big kids: glow-in-the-dark bracelets. Baby: big early 90's florescent sunglasses (which he ADORED)

10. Death of the Firstborn: Baby boppers. The Boy insisted on smacking himself in the head with it while yelling, "Bop. Bop. BOP!"

I know people have pre-conceived notions about what a seder must be like, but I'll bet none of you thought it would include inflatable hammers, band-aids or stuffed pigs. :-)


Pammer said...

You're gonna love this one. Peeps that act out the plagues.


Happy Passover -- may bread return to our diets SOON!


I like the YouTube version of the 10 plagues the best. See it at Baytzim.com

Happy Passover

Katie said...

I want one of those bags!!! That would be fun!!!