Friday, April 13, 2007

When cute grows up

Yeah, I'm still mad at the world, but I'm trying to keep my mind off of it. Like I told my niece earlier, the gym helps. Gotta love those endorphins (and Starbucks. Gotta love that there's one right around the corner from the gym).

Anyway, I'm trying to keep my mind off things. So I scoured MySpace looking for an old college friend whose birthday is today. I haven't seen her in years, but she's AWESOME. I wanted to send her a birthday wish. It looks like she deleted her page, though. I can't find her anywhere.

While scouring mutual friends' pages in search of her, I came across another old college friend. We did some acting together back in the day, but we lost touch. She was always one of those super cute girls. I'm not talking about the sorority type perfectly coiffed, expensive clothes, huge sunglasses cute. She was artsy, very laid back, funny as hell and cute.

Not everyone who was cute when we were 15 or even 20 grows up to stay that way. This woman, though, has gone from cute to gorgeous. I looked through her pictures and she really is stunning. That made me very happy.

I know it may sound wrong, but I take a perverse pleasure in finding that the obnoxious folks have grown up to be dumpy and ugly. Karma really does exist and it's evident on the wrinkly chubby faces of those people who existed in high school only to make everyone else miserable.

Although, at the same time, when I find someone who really is a neat person who grows up to look the part, it makes me very very happy.

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