Saturday, July 01, 2006

True Wife Confessions

I came across this site today and instantly fell in love.

Some of these are heartbreaking, but a good deal of them are absolutely hysterical.

True Wife Confessions

It's a place that gives women the chance to say things they otherwise might not.

And please note that no, I have never submitted one.

Here are my favorites thus far:

  • Confession #081
I hate that I'm always the one to get up in the middle of the night to see what the dogs are barking at. It's dark out there and we don't have any neighbors to jump in to save me while you're snoring away. You're the one with the fancy new hunting rifle and super-duper hunting skills, and I'm the one with the MagLite flashlight.
Who would you rather have protecting us in the dead of the night?

  • Confession #094
I purposefully waited until your butt touched the chair before asking you to get me something to drink because you seem to do it to me all the time. Didn't like it very much did ya?

  • Confession #096
If you text me again asking me to transfer money to your account so you can
buy shit for yourself, I will throw away your cell phone.

  • Confession #100
I resent paying for Head and Shoulders shampoo so much that I have been
buying generic shampoo and putting it into the same Head and Shoulders
bottle for over two years. Honey, you're bald and you don't need shampoo
anymore. You especially don't need one that controls dandruff. You have
more hair on your ass than you do on your head and you use soap on your ass.
Enough already!

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