Sunday, July 16, 2006

The strangest thing
(well, not as strange as the dog in the gym)

Today, when I got in the van, what graced my ears? I Got A Girl. Woah. That's really odd. I haven't heard that on the radio in a while. I don't know what prompted me to post about it last night (other than I've always hoped there was some way it was about me, but I've never confessed that and after reading through True Wife Confessions last night [see my links], I was in the mood to confess something--anything).

I just thought that was really strange. What an odd coincidence! Hmmm...maybe amid my search for direction in my life (or at least my career), I've missed my calling to be a psychic. Somehow, I doubt the ability to predict songs on the radio will be a very lucrative career.

1 comment:

Psychspirit said...

wow, is that really your name? Good title for your blog.