Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I can't be the only one who finds this more than a little tacky.

We saw it last year at the 4th of July fest and then I saw it again this year. I was thrilled to find that the friend I was there with felt the same way.

What on earth are people thinking? Are they thinking at all? I wish I could have been at the meeting where they pitched that idea...

so that I could have hit them all repeatedly.


Giselle said...

Yes, please, let us hit them all repeatedly. I was so torn because I knew Aaron would love going down that with his dad, but there was No Freakin' Way I could reward that kind of idiocy with cash.


Windyridge said...

Amazing what people think of.

Windyridge said...

re your question on my blog about where I got the graphic, the answer is I don't remember! I visit so many blogs i can't keep track but if I come across it I will let you know.

Kamrin said...

Have they no shame?!? If I showed up at a party and saw that, I would have to leave. It could only get worse from there.

LadyHatton said...

"Your" not the only one who finds this offensive! I do too! and I would definitely keep my kids "off of" it as well.
Can you tell I was a proofreader in a former life?