Friday, July 21, 2006

We're going to Kentucky. We're going to the fair to see a seniorita with flowers in her hair.

We're going on a mini-vacation. No, we're not going to Kentucky. No, we're not going to the fair. I have no clue if there will be flower-clad senioritas, though.

The sister and I are taking a road trip to visit a friend. Woo hoo. Much fun will be had by all. We'll be back early Sunday evening. Before then, we'll have a girls' weekend (including the gaggle of children the girls have had). I can't tell you how happy this all makes me.

Side note: while packing, I decided to open the box o'warm weather clothes that I couldn't even get on. Every single pair of shorts fits. There are two that I won't wear in public and most of the others are pretty tight, but hey, I can put them on and button them and actually wear them. I'm so freaking excited about that.

So, fare thee well. Catcha later.

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