Monday, July 17, 2006

Your favorite seller’s new items

I'm about to put the kids up on e-bay. 110 degree heat + whining + screaming + refusing to sleep = clumps of hair being torn from my head. There's a market for anything on eBay, so why not a pair of cute kids?

They started camp today. Yay! They get to play and learn new things, I get to nap. Well, I hit the gym first then came home and when The Boy napped, I did too. It was lovely.

When I went to get the girls, Girl1 wouldn't leave. She kept insisting it wasn't time to leave. We had to ask two counselors and she still wouldn't believe it. One counselor reminded her everyone would be back tomorrow. Didn't help. I had to literally drag her out (not an easy accomplishment with the baby in the sling and that whole 110 degree thing). One of her counselors is a friend's daughter, so she came running after me and helped carry Girl1 to the car. G-d bless nice kids. I love my friends if for no other reason, than just because of the fact that they have raised children who will NEVER be featured on My Super Sweet Sixteen.

We'll have a nice little routine down for the next three weeks. I'll drop them off at camp in the morning, then do my 1.5-2 hours at the gym, then play with the boy for a bit until he's ready for a nap. At that point, I'll join him and we can both catch up on some sleep. By the time we get up, it should be just about time to pick up the sisters.

Oh and here's my gym update: I've been going every day for 1-1.5 hours. I even got my sister to watch the kids yesterday so I could go (no child care on Sunday). I'm really excited about it. I can feel a difference and I'm starting to see a little bit (not really looking at myself, but I can now wear shorts that were too tight to wear in public last month). One happy side effect is that I'm too busy to eat the way I used to. So I'm not eating as much and I'm not going out much at all. According to the scales, I'm down 4 lbs from this time last week. Hip freaking hip hooray. :-)


Kamrin said...

Don't forget to measure! Since I have been working out, I have lost 3 inches of the waist, yet gained 2 pounds. Muscle weight is more than fat weight so measure your starting self so when you feel stalled, you can go back and look at it and know how far you have gone. BTW, it only got to 107 yesterday here. I don't know how ya'll do it.

Reiza-Mara said...

Yep, the personal trainers measured me when I started and they'll do it again 30 days later. They have this whole routine where they measure and weigh you and then change your routine to suit your needs.

SLYM said...

I'll take em!!! Oh me...please please pick me

Pixie LaRouge said...

YOU ROCK!!! And, yes, you are looking thinner. Which, I know from personal experience, is AWESOME.

I'm so incredibly proud of you. I'm sitting in your corner with the tape for your wrists, the water bottle for between rounds, and the championship belt when you win the match. GO YOU!