Saturday, July 15, 2006

You see, there was this dog...

Today, at the gym, a woman was injured by a dog--a huge Pitbull German Shepard mix--IN THE GYM.

It was the strangest thing. This stray wandered in. The staff was doing a good job of getting him out, but when one personal trainer tried pushing him out the door, he turned and growled. She got scared (rightfully so, I'd say) and let go. He then turned around and ran towards the machines. Until that point, most of us were completely unaware that anything was amiss. That was about to change.

He ran up to the woman next to me on the leg press machine. He jumped in her lap. Let me repeat that, this huge dog (he came up to my chest) tried to jump in the woman's lap WHILE SHE WAS USING THE MACHINE. He wouldn't leave her alone. She was obviously injured, but nothing awful.

The staff then lured the dog out with a bowl of water. When I went to leave a few minutes later, I watched a woman walk in to the gym and actually hold the door for the dog. WTF? So there we were again. I was about to pick the kids up from the nursery, so I headed in there quickly to get away from that horse of a dog. Turns out Girl1 was in the bathroom across the hall. So I had to tell her to stay put.

They had no luck getting the dog out, so they let us go out a side door (I wasn't taking my kids past that thing. Hell, I didn't want to be near him. And oh yes, it was a him. Oh my word was it a him!). When I pulled away, the big beige monster was STILL standing there at the glass door.

That was certainly a WTF moment and a story to tell. I am now added to the privileged few who can count themselves lucky enough to have a "You see there was this dog," story. Only mine didn't involve cars or hospital visits. The same can't be said for everyone in this elite club.

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Busty Babe said...

OMG!!! What crazy moron hold the door open for a dog??? Some people...

BTW...welcome to the club! :)