Friday, September 01, 2006

"We can't have them up there gallavanting like kangaroos."

No real reason for the subject. It's a line from Mary Poppins. I just watched that with the girls tonight. We're having a slumber party of our own. We're sleeping on the playroom floor, eating popcorn, and watching movies.

Well, we were. One girl is asleep (she fell asleep in my arms. That's something she hasn't done in the longest time. It was very sweet). The other is doing everything in her power to avoid sleep.

When I hopped on after the movie to check my mail, I found a message from Blogger saying the problems should be fixed and I should now have access to my blog. Low and behold, I do.


Lots to say, but I want to get back to the kids (at least the one who's still awake). The briefest of brief versions is this: Started seeing a counselor. Got great feedback and lots of ideas from her. Have since spoken to dh. We've been talking and e-mailing. Things are much better. I had a difficult day, but it's a long story. So I'll leave you with the promise of more details later.

The gym is closed through Monday, so I should have plenty of time to catch you all up on my goings on.

Yay. It's good to be back (in more ways than one).

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