Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank you, Sir, may I have another?

After I filed a police report about the stolen lawnmower, I called someone to jump-start dh's car (which has a dead battery). The rep from our insurance company was absolutely lovely (I highly recomend Geico. They've been fabulous). She got someone here within 10 minutes. He got the car started...and then the car died.

He suspects it's the alternator. He said it could be a bad battery, but he doubts it. I, however, don't. So when my parents come to visit next week, my dad's buying and installing a new battery for me. If that doesn't work, my insurance will pay to have it towed to a mechanic or I can just pay a friend's husband to work on the alternator.

Of course, that will be on top of having to pay for a new lawnmower.

Pardon me while I growl.

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