Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another WTF mom moment

I know I still need to tell you all the Target story, but unfortunately, there's not enough time right now. There is, however, enough time to share this little ditty with you:

On Monday, I happened to walk past the bathroom where I saw my mother and both of my daughters staring at the toilet. Further inspection showed it was about to over-flow. They all just stood there. I understand the kindergarteners not knowing what to do, but my mom? Come on! Mind you, a plunger is literally 2 feet away from her in plain view.

Then mom makes the brilliant announcement, "Back up. It might over-flow."

What she didn't realize was that IT HAD BEEN OVERFLOWING.

I bit back curses, grabbed the plunger, and fixed the problem.

WTF is wrong with my mom? Why the hell did she just stand there? She never grabbed the plunger. She never called for me. She never called for my dad. Even when I walked in to see why the three of them were gazing into the toilet bowl, she never said a word.


How many more days of this?

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