Sunday, September 10, 2006

Second chances are best served with Chinese and coffee.

That friend who added to my stress level called me last night to ask for my help. Her husband is leading the children's Rosh Hashanah service and they wanted my help planning it. We haven't spoken since the homeschool conversation, so I was a bit gunshy, but I wanted to help. So I agreed to get together.

Well, she took me out to lunch while her husband watched all the kids. We got good Chinese at a new place I've wanted to try. I got iced coffee (I live for iced coffee). She paid. When we got back to the house, she made me more iced coffee (which was AMAZING). We wound up staying there all day. There was much fun had by all. We left after 7 and at that point, all 3 kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. WOO HOO.

We may have a new kitten. This friend is cat-sitting an ADORABLE 7-week-old long-haired grey kitten for a friend. That friend is apparently allergic. She may be too allergic to keep the cat. If that's the case, the kitten is ours. She adores us. This cat attacks the other kids, but she loves my kids and she fawned all over me. Four times she fell asleep on my diaper bag. She curled up in my lap and fell asleep several times. The cat's owner really wants to keep her, but if she can't, we get yet another one.

Today was a pretty good day. The girls were very excited to get back to Sunday school. I got to hang out with friends all day. The kids stayed occupied all day. I got good Chinese and lots of coffee. Can't ask for much more than that.

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