Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy (numero uno)

One of the many articles I read at the gym included the suggestion of keeping a "Joy Journal."

Hold on. Hop on the OT bus with me for just a moment. I swear we'll be back quickly.

Has anyone out there ever met anyone named Joy who actually was? I swear every one I've known has been the complete and utter opposite. I suppose it's like naming a child Chastity or Faith. It's done with the best of intentions, but Chastity will wind up pregnant before she's out of high school (or at least with an STD). Faith will undoubtedly turn out to be an atheist. Naming a child Joy condemns not the child, but the people around said child to a life of misery. Why is that an evil grin on my face? I do believe it is.

Okay, back from my tangent and back to the journal. I liked the idea. Instead of hauling all three "darlings" to the Dollar Tree in search of a journal only to find myself yelling at the elder two to keep their hands off (Why oh why must they touch EVERYTHING at that store?) while moving the youngest back and forth between the cart and the sling, I figured I'd just share my thankful/happy moments with you all. I'd like to do it every day, but I'm not putting any money on that.

Here are the things in my life that make me happy:

  1. We just got digital cable for $2 less per month than what we had.
  2. Since dh is deployed, a local lawn care company is taking care of our lawn (not mowing, though) for free for one full year (and oh boy does it need it. They probably saved us thousands of dollars)
  3. I have fabulous friends who not only alerted me to the existence of GreenCare for Troops, but even filled out the application for me.
  4. The lovely folks at my cell phone company gave me a $50 credit on a bill that was 4 times what we usually pay (all my fault).
  5. I only got that credit because I have brilliant friends. The aforementioned fabulous friend of lawncare fame is the same one who suggested I try calling the phone company to see what they could do.
  6. I'm down 16 lbs.
  7. I worked up the nerve to force myself to use the freaky-looking machines at the gym.
  8. "You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot, For the places and people you're lucky you're not." (Dr. Seuss, "Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?") I'm SO lucky I'm not some of the women at the gym. One bragged about her breast implants, another has been to 5 funerals in 2 weeks, and yet another, after complaining loudly about how awful her husband is and how she doesn't love him at all, announced "As soon as the kids are older, I'm divorcing his ass." That leads us to my next happiness inspiring thought.
  9. I adore my husband. It's not always sunshine and lollipops, but we both love each other very much and we're very much committed to making our marriage work.
  10. I don't fit into any of my size 8's anymore and some of my size 6s are too big.
  11. I ate at a friend's house tonight, so we had good food that was neither overly fattening nor expensive.
  12. All of the kids fell asleep on the way home, so no nagging over bedtime.
  13. I've actually gotten to do some scrapbooking lately.
  14. My parents come to visit on Saturday which means I will get to see an honest-to-goodness movie in a real theatre with no children present (Little Miss Sunshine, here I come).
  15. I'm very happy to find that I could sit here and do this all evening. I'll spare you my huge list, but I just keep thinking up more things for which to be thankful.

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