Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Give me my lawnmower back, bitch!

Someone stole the lawnmower.

Someone stole the NEW lawnmower.

Someone stole the new lawnmower out of our fenced in back yard.

Someone stole the new lawnmower that I needed to MOW THE FREAKING LAWN by myself since my husband is deployed right out from our back yard.

Someone needs to be beaten!

I’m sure whoever took it has one of those happy yellow ribbons on their car (or their parents’ car) too. SONOFABITCH! That is NOT how we support our troops. Stealing shit from their back yard is not supporting them. My husband joined the military because he believes in the ideals freedom and is willing to protect it. Some asshat abused that freedom by coming into our home and taking our property.

And so I repeat, SONOFABITCH!

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