Saturday, February 17, 2007

What a doll (with a penis)!

For a while there, I went on a rampage--the type of rampage where, when one is finished, one has bunches of plastic babies with bits. Yes, I went on an anatomically correct doll buying rampage.

When dh came home last time, I had 2-year-olds who could accurately and without hesitation tell you about their girl bits. When they saw their daddy naked, though, they were a bit baffled. "Vulva," they asked questioningly when they saw him in the shower (and yes, it was complete with pointing). Hey, there hadn't been a penis in this house in months until dh came home. What do ya expect? Daddy didn't like that at all. He tried to explain the concept of the penis, but alas, they didn't understand.

So I scoured the stores, the internet and the ebay. There were none in the stores (what's up with that? Is Toys R Us afraid of the power of a tiny plastic penis?). I got a bunch of plastic dolls from E-bay, but most of them broke. Then I found these. Three years later, we still have the Hispanic boy doll (which the girls named NoDoubt. Don't ask because even I don't know). I love that doll. It's adorable.

So when I saw them featured at Cool Mom Picks, I had to say a hearty, "ITA."

FTR, they now understand the whole boy/girl thing and are no longer baffled by the penis. In fact, when changing their little brother (yes, they change him too), they're very likely to announce in a sing-songy voice, "Oh look, he found his penis. Do you like your penis?"

I love my kids. They have cute toys and they crack me up.

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Kamrin said...

OOO---I so wanna get those dolls! Thanks for sharing the link!
My daughter talks about her little brother's penis all the time. Sigh. The other day she asked my why boys had a penis. I told her life would be boring if we were all the same. She seemed ok with that.