Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On "hipster" parents

I admit, I fall into the description of "hipster" parents.

I've read all sorts of things about the topic lately, but Mom101 says it best.

The Final Word on Hipster Parenting. (Oh, Who am I Kidding.)

This will give you a taste of the piece. She quotes an article that slams the idea and gives her own insight:

So I'd hate to think that when I hit the streets of Brooklyn (who knew we were making such a hipster move when we got there; and here I was thinking we had simply gotten priced out of Manhattan) with my new baby in her Doc Maarten booties, that it will lead David Brooks and his ilk to leap to make value judgments about me. Especially when those value judgments are that I'm self-absorbed, emotionally stunted, and unfit to breed. Or, as it was expressed in the column: "Parents who refuse to face that their days of chaotic, unscheduled moshing are over."

Oh, how I mourn my days of unscheduled moshing, truly I do. Why, an impromptu mosh would really hit the spot right now. You got me there, David.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for catching me up on a demographic I apparently fit in some ways, though I didn't really know it. I do think there's a difference between parents who spend too much time and effort on the *material* goods of parenting (ironic tees, strollers, diaper bags...even more enlightened goods such as slings and cloth diapers) and those who are attempting to forge a very different future for their kids with various alternative lifestyles, ideologies, etc. Hope that makes a bit of sense!

Mom101 said...

Well thank you kindly for the link, lady! I think we can all safely agree that there are some parenting choices hardly even worth defending. The day ironic toddler tees are linked with higher dropout rates in high school well that's the day we might have something to talk about.