Monday, February 12, 2007

Mother knows best

The doctor "poo-poo-ed" us when we called about the kids' fevers. He insisted it was nothing and would take care of itself. I decided if they still had fevers today (a full week later), I would make an appointment. I had a feeling they had a secondary infection. The nasal congestion started in full-force just today.

Sure enough, after an exam, the doctor agrees. I don't like to take/give drugs when not necessary, but when needed, I want 'em and I want 'em now (or a week after the onset of the illness, whichever comes first). All the kids' got prescriptions. Oddly, he wrote one for the girls and a different one (Amoxicillin) for The Boy. I asked him to switch it and he did without a question. Dh and I are allergic to Penicillin as is Girl2. We don't know about Girl1 because this very same doctor won't let her try it. He said we're better off just assuming she is allergic since chances are she is. So it was strange when he prescribed it for The Boy.

Anyway, the kids have been dosed and are now on their way to feeling better. Yay. Maybe I can save my sanity after all.

And I must point out that I WAS RIGHT. I do so love that phrase. :-)

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