Thursday, February 01, 2007

Warning: Cape does not enable wearer to fly

FTR, yes, the subject was an actual warning included with a Halloween costume. What on earth is this world coming to?

Okay, now back to the story:

First the backstory:

The girls have Superman sheets. The pillowcase has his big face on one side. You can clearly see a cleft in his chin. Dh also has a cleft in his chin. This lead to the girls' belief that their father is a superhero. Girl1 inherited that cleft chin. So it's clear that she too must be a super hero. Her super power has yet to be determined, but she knows she's a superhero.

Today, she proudly told me how she found a broken light on the floor in the gym nursery, so she turned it over to the staff there. I thanked her and told her she may have saved the babies because they may have choked on it or gotten cut. She then insisted saving babies is her super power, but she paused and added in a baffled voice,

"I'm a superhero, but I wasn't born wearing a cape."

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my kids? That cracked me up.

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