Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Commercials: My top picks

Went to a Super Bowl party this evening. We had lots of fun and lots of yummy snacky foods.

I didn't give a damn who won. All I was there for was the food, friends, and commercials.

Here are my very favorites:

This is my top pick:
Bud Light as a second language

I also liked these:

Click A Mouse (Blockbuster)

Sierra Karate

Nutty Goulet (Emerald Nuts)

Promotion Pit

Rock, Paper, Bud Light

Honorable mention goes to:

Taco Bell Safari

1 comment:

Giselle said...

Whoo hoo! You are my new hero! Thank you so much for this post! You just knew I was bummed because I didn't get to see the commercials, didn't you? This is the worst night of the year to not own a television.