Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I love my husband.

We have always boycotted Valentine's Day. We think it's a stupid Halmark holiday. Although, now the girls are old enough to really appreciate it. So we opted to celebrate it for them. We had agreed to just buy/do something for/with them, but dh surprised me.

First off, on his lunch break, he went to the store and bought them Valentine's gifts. What did my tough military husband get? Two blinking tiaras that come complete with matching clip-on earrings and rings. Oh and a pack of bracelets too. The kids adore them. I love that dh isn't afraid to be seen buying tiaras and even more than that, I'm thrilled that he's the type of dad who knows what his kids like.

Then he surprised me. He got me a gift. He warned me, "It's not your standard Valentine's Day gift."

What was it? Strawberry Daiquiri mix and tequila. The man is GOOD.

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Anonymous said...

How perfect!!! Enjoy those 'ritas! Leah