Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

And the hits just keep on coming.

More kids are sick. We almost took Girl1 to the ER. I planned a dinner with friends only to have to cancel.

I called the sister and made plans to go out to eat with her. We were going to invite along the newly pregnant friend that I missed at lunch. I was leaving the kids with dh, shopping with the sister, then dinner.

When I came home, Girl1 was feeling much better. Then Girl2 got sick. She had a fever, but she put herself to bed. That NEVER happens. My girls stopped napping right after their second birthday.

The bright spot of the day was that without prompting, Girl1 colored a picture, brought it in to her sister, gave it to her and said, "I made this. It's a card for you to make you feel better."

Then Girl1 crashed on the couch. I know Christians believe in signs of the Apocolypse. I'm telling you, my girls willingly putting themselves down for a nap should be on that list. You know that if that happens, the news is not good.

Girl1 woke from her nap hours later still with a fever, but feeling much better. Girl1 woke crying. She had a fever of 104.7. I tried desperately to keep my calm while I called the doctor's after hours number. I waited and didn't hear anything. I gave her some more Motrin and a hot bath (I've heard cold baths can be dangerous with a fever). She came down to 103. An hour later, the doctor called back and told dh not to worry. Unless she absolutely refuses to eat or drink, don't be concerned even if her fever goes as high as 106 or 107.

Wait. Wait. Wait. I adore my doctor, but that's bull. I know kids can survive higher fevers than adults, but when they're that high, there's a risk of brain damage. A call to a friend who is a nurse as well as a checking in with a friend who is an Occupational Therapist and whose husband is a physician confirmed my fears and told us that should her fever get above 103, to get her to the hospital.

The doctor suspects we have the Flu. He says we'll probably all get it. Yet he didn't offer to call in a prescription for Tamiflu and he's now completely unreachable. Grrr. I like to avoid pills whenever possible, but I'm all for a medication that keeps my entire famly from suffering and possible trips to the ER.

I left our plans up to the sister and she bailed. I completely understand. She's awfully pregnant and the last thing she needs is to get the Flu. Still, it sucks. I wanted to hang out. I wanted yummy food. I wanted to spend some time with friends. Not gonna happen.

This also means no gym for me tomorrow. The gym is what keeps my sanity. Plus I'm in a contest there for the most inches lost. This is the last week of the contest. Missing 2 days (remember, I missed today because of my meeting) is not going to help. GAH.

This sucks. See that corner over there? I'm gonna go sit there and pout now. Wait, first I'll treat myself to some of that wine. I do have a whole gallon after all.

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