Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is how you know it’s love.

I don't know what initially brought dh and me together. He was not at all what I thought I wanted. He thought I was cute, but I don't believe he had any serious plans of asking me out. Yet 10 years ago, we met, started dating, and made our way to this time and place.

I adore my husband for many reasons--far too many to list, but I want to write about one of them.

After a conversation the other evening, though, I came to a realization. We started this journey as a couple because we were in love. Contrary to what the Beatles would have us believe (even if the song is oh so wonderful), love is not all you need. Love is the foundation, but you need trust, you need security, you need to compliment one another, you need to have a similar vision of the future, you need to be willing to work through the rough spots, you need sensitivity.

You need a huge helping of fun. You need to be able to have fun together, not at the other one's expense.

Dh and I had the strangest conversation the other night that left me giggling, shaking my head, and realizing just how much I love my husband (and how lucky we are to have that). I swear this is the dumbest thing and it won't translate well, but follow me anyhow.

We had a discussion the other evening about whether or not Oprah would feature a levitating cat on her show. We never did come to an agreement (he says, "Yes," I say, "Not unless it also starts spouting off something about honoring your spirit,"), but we cracked up laughing. In the same conversation, we covered topics from Batman to _Jane Eyre_.

The fact that we can have these discussions (serious and absolutely freaking insane) and can still laugh together is one of the reasons we're still together today.

For that, I am very thankful. For him, I'm more grateful than I could ever say (and trust me, I talk A LOT, so for me to be left speechless is a huge deal).


Tiffany said...

That is really, really cool and I totally understand the topic of conversation ... even though it is hilarious and funny if she would feature a levitating cat. I understand that connection with someone you love and you stated it so well. Totally made me bust out laughing too! TFS! And happy love to both of you!

Katie said...

I totally get the random laughter over the most insane subjects. You know how crazy my life has been with relationships, but with D , we laugh ALL the time. Someone asked me last night "Don't you just wish sometimes that he would grow up and not be a kid? I said No...I love him for being silly, goofy and crazy. I would not want him any other way.

Oh and tell your dh that we made his spaghetti sauce with imitation crab meat. D absolutely LOVED it.