Monday, February 12, 2007

Random link Monday

Okay, I need a break from the sick kids (yes, they're STILL sick. The doctor finally agreed to see us later today), so here are a few links from my "funny" folder:

A collection of interesting and fun links
You can waste lots of time here. From building your own action figure to a warning sign generator, there's something for everyone.

Bald Guy Greetings
Funny cards. I particularly like this first birthday one and this multi-occasion one as well.

A friend of a friend made these. They crack me up.

The Rudy Letters
Here's the official discription:
A man, a computer, and too much free time on his hands. Prepare to enter the complex and oddly alluring world of Rudy.

Now go forth and enjoy the linky goodness.

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Comedy_Club said...

Largest sign generator collection (hundreds of templates) around found @