Sunday, February 04, 2007

Think happy thoughts.

Need more happy? I know I do. And so, I'll share some kid news.

At services on Friday, the kids were absolutely wonderful. Dh held The Boy during it and at one point, the baby pointed to me, then pointed to the door and announced "Out." "Out? He wants me to leave," I said in a shocked and amused tone. Dh laughed. The Boy really did say, "Out." Dh heard it too.

While trying to decide what item from our Jewish home to bring to Sunday school, Girl2 insisted she wanted to bring me. When I said I couldn't do that, she insisted, "You're in my house and you're Jewish. What's the problem?"

This "Bring something Jewish from home" assignment has lead to lots and lots of fun with my kids. Yesterday, Girl1 told me she wanted to bring a toy. I reminded her it had to be something Jewish. She told me, "All my toys are Jewish. I'm their mom and I'm Jewish. If your mom is Jewish, you are too. So all my toys are Jewish." I couldn't argue with that. I could, however, laugh.

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