Sunday, February 25, 2007

Silver lining

When The Boy woke up from his nap (2 hours early), I brought him into bed with me. He only stopped screaming when the sisters came in. So they went, grabbed a toy for him and played with him to keep him quiet. When he, further investigating this new fangled technology we like to call "Gravity," kept throwing the toy, his sisters happily played fetch with him.

I've never been close with one of my sisters (emotionally or physically). She was 17 when I was born and didn't have much room for a baby sister. We plan on moving out her way in about 2 years. She sent me a card today. It reads,

I wish you where here, so that we could have done something together on your birthday. But I know that it will be soon that we are together and we can spend many more birthdays together. Have a great day.
Love Your Big Sis,

That made me smile. She's not one for sharing emotions or getting sappy, so that really meant a lot to me.

Dh went out and got me Starbucks. Granted, I forgot to ask for the decaf variety and I didn't get it until 8:30 at night, so chances are I'll be up all night, but hey, Girl2 is still throwing up, so I suppose that could be useful.

I vote to move my birthday. A friend thought it was the 28th. Maybe I should celebrate it then instead. Although, when shit like this happened a few years ago and I tried the same thing, I just wound up being disappointed twice because nothing happened on the Unbirthday day either. :::sigh:::

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