Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coming out of hiding.

I beat the restaurant curse. I finally outran the little old man who kept chanting, "No restaurant for YOUUUUUU."

A friend invited me to lunch on Wednesday. It was a gorgeous day. It was good food. It was great company. It was the beginning of me feeling much better.

We went out on Friday to my restaurant of choice. The food was just eh (although healthy) and I'm still annoyed that no planning went into it on dh's part (I suggested it and it wasn't anything fancy). But, hey, I'm in that "moving right along" frame of mind.

I was supposed to see the sister yesterday, but she bailed. Then we were going to see her today for my niece's party, but that didn't happen. We're supposed to go over there on Tuesday for said birthday party. I'll keep ya posted on that. Is anyone in a betting mood?

I FINALLY got a bunch of purging done for my whole simplifying thing. There's a local consignment sale and I dropped a bunch of clothes off there. Dh even put together one of the old cribs to sell at the sale. It was originally a $500 crib, so I'm hoping to make some money off that. I'm really just hoping to get some of this crap out of here. I gave some clothes away and have still others in bags ready to give away (whenever I FINALLY get to see my sister). We have plans to pair down a bunch of the furniture in this place. I just need to wait until the consignment sales are all over (there will be one more at the end of the month). Then we'll be going room-by-room. We already know we're starting with the sitting room. I can't wait to have that room purged so it's not so cluttered. I love that room, but since it's the catch all for all of our clutter (and it's the first room you walk into when you enter), it makes me ill. I'm so excited to finally get it all straightened out.

It's Purim. Yay. I love Purim. It's my favorite holiday. Lots of fun. Lots of great food. There are supposed to be lots of great drinks (we're actually supposed to get drunk), but I didn't imbibe this year. We went to the party yesterday and the kids had another one today at Sunday school. They picked their own costumes and looked very cute. I made a Superman one for TheBoy and am quite proud how it turned out. All the costumes came from existing play clothes and/or regular clothes. We're oh so creative! :-)

And now my dinner is calling, so I must bid you all fare well for the time being.


Kamrin said...

I can't wait to hear about your Purium costumes this year!

Giselle said...

I love the story of Esther. I can never quite decide whether I like Esther or Ruth best, but they're my two favorite women from the Old Testament. (Sorry, I don't know the Jewish name for those scriptures. They're not part of the Torah, are they?)

Pammer said...

Chag Sameach! (uh, a little late)