Friday, March 30, 2007

On blame, storms and sleep

The bitch who made the turn on a red light in front of me when I had the green light? Yeah, she's claiming I ran a red. She's full of shit. In her statement, she said that she had a green turn arrow and was in a line of cars turning and that I ran the red.

Um....aside from the fact that she's lying, there are other problems here. I was coming straight and had a green light the whole time. The road is flat. There are no hills, so I could see the turn lane the entire time. If she was in a line of others turning, don't you think I would have seen the others as they turned in front of me?

Oh and I'm the one who called 9-11, not her. I'm also the one who insisted on a police report. The officer didn't want to write one and tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted. If I had run a red light, would I have done such a thing?

Apparently, she had two kids with her and took them to the ER. No one was hurt, but since she did that, it's now an injury accident (even though no one was hurt) and now I have to wait until Monday to get anywhere. Granted, if my kids had been with me, I would have taken them to the ER too just to be sure. So I'm not faulting her for that.

I had no clue she had kids in the car. It was so full of junk that I couldn't tell there was anyone else. I thought I saw a carseat, but I seriously couldn't tell because her car was such a mess. I really didn't think there was anyone else in there.

I'm pissed. You fucked up. You face the music.

Now I'm wondering if she even has insurance. The card she produced was outdated. She insisted she just didn't have her new card with her, but she got a citation for failure to provide insurance information. I'm wondering if she really doesn't have insurance and is lying to get out of paying for the damage. All I know is that I'm pissed. I have no clue how long all this is gonna take to sort through. I don't believe there were any witnesses, so I have no idea how they're gonna determine blame.

Not long after I heard about all that from my insurance company, we wound up sitting in the hallway with the kids while the sirens sounded. We had a scary storm come close to us. Luckily, nothing much became of it (other than the TONS of flooding--while I was in the officer's car last night going over my statement, a call went out of a motorist in the area whose car was under water and he was stranded on top of his vehicle), but it counted as our scare for the evening.

On top of all this, tonight is my sleep study. I'm nervous and I'm hyper from current events. I really hope I'll be able to sleep. I want answers so badly. I need a plan of action. Hopefully, tonight will be my first step in that direction.

Pardon me while I take a big sigh. Where's my karma? I try to be a good person. When I screw up, I try to be honest and take the blame when it's mine. It's not something I've always done and quite honestly, it sucks to have to do it, but I really do try. So, dude, where's my karma?


Kamrin said...

Stupid woman! I am glad you are alright!

Pixie LaRouge said...

I'd bop her for you. I would. Please let me? I'm feeling testy right now, and I want to bop someone.

btw, how'd the sleeping go? Did you sleep? Did they watch? (that sounds so wrong!)

Krissy said...

Never really thought you'd be into having strangers watch you, but hey whatever works ;-)

Grrr @ that PITA. More proof the IQ of the general public is quickly declining.